Hello from Haiti:
Things are a little different here in Haiti, the work process take a little longer to get done than at home. Jeff, Chandler, Joe and Joel assisted in making a platform for a make shift scaffolding for Karen, Liz, Dionna, Rachel and myself to stand on to varathane the frame of a thatch roof. Jeff and Joe tested the scaffolding to be certain it would hold the weight of 5 ladies and especial the dancing queen. Obviously the fumes got to us or should I say to Karen lol.  We started the project yesterday Wednesday and finished the second coat today. 
This morning before finishing the varathaning we took a walk through the community to pray, hand out baby gift bags, hygiene bags and toys/candy to the families.  One man saw us and followed for a bit, then came and asked if we would pray for his baby who was 14 mths old and him as a father, that he would be able to take care of his family and support them.  He was so sincere in his request. We gave him a hygiene pack and a baby pack to take with him. These people were so grateful of whatever we gave them.  Every house is pretty much the same their faces are not easily erased from my memory or any of the other team member for that matter. These families need our prayers and your for their very survival. Average life expectancy as I heard tonight is 54 yrs old.  Love and miss you all.  Linda
When it's recess at the elementary school, we can go right into the school yard or up to the gate.  The children in Haiti are so welcoming; their faces so happy to see us, their smiles and bright eyes speak volumes.  They are so trusting when they attempt to climb into our arms and they don't even know us.  Even though there is a language barrier and a few phrases we know, there is still a connection.  We can skip, hop or jump rope together.  Take a 'photo' and they light right up.
Some of us will sponsor a Haitian child before we head home.  This support provides clothing, food and school supplies.  We will also be able to meet and get to know the child that we will support, as well as have a picture taken.   What a wonderful opportunity to be able to enrich their lives as they have definitely enriched ours! (Liz)