What the enemy uses for evil, God will always use for good.  The enemy thrives on division, but our Lord God, worthy to be praised and due all the glory, will bring peace and unity to those divided.  We had a heated discussion tonight in a wrap up session.  Maybe because due to a heavy rain, we had to forfeit our rooftop praise and worship, or maybe because God wants to bring us closer, test our faith, expand us, and ultimately grow us. We will be doing another community visitation tomorrow and the group was split concerning some changes and ways to make our prayer walks more effective.  While I thought that everything was all good and that the Holy Spirit was already preparing the minds and hearts of those who we would be visiting, there was a deep conversation and reflection that has challenged all of us tonight and brought up some emotions.

What I love as I sit here is that every member of my team has become close family.  And in this moment, there are several conversations occurring to mend any divide that these heated conversations may have stirred up.  Each of the ladies are my sister, and Chad, is my brother from another mother.  And I have a deep sense of protection over Randy, who is so genuine and sweet, but incredibly funny.  For example, our team was assigned to do dishes tonight, and Randy set out the food for supper before we came downstairs and we told him, "Ok, we will wash the dishes." And without hesitation he said, "Oh, I know you will." (laughing)  We started laughing.  I like when Randy gets sassy :-).  So my prayer in each of these priceless moments is that God will have his way....period! And I know that he will.  Without a doubt.  

Tonight was Haiti Arise's church prayer night.  And as all prayer nights are back at home, we had a Powerful night.  At one point, we were singing a song, and it was familiar to us.  So Haitians were singing the song in Creole, while in unison, we sang the song in English.  I wish I could vividly describe this.  But our voices were one.  We are one.  And it was beautiful.  We got on our knees to pray and I'm so proud when Kelli and Chad were bold enough to get up on the stage when asked if anyone would like to pray for Haiti.  And God bless my sister, Andrea.  We were asked to pray for the person next to us.  And like many of us, it was that deep painful cry out to Jesus.  Andrea spoke words like "I pray that God takes away all of those deep wounds that are still hurting you....that Reece looks to you as an example and grows up to be the strong and beautiful woman that you are."  Our girls bonded right before praryer time to the Alicia Keys song "A Brand New Me." We shared stories of verbally abusive relationships and how grateful we were to be brand new.

It is only by the grace of God that we can look back on this last year, and even the highs and lows in our life and how what Satan means for evil, God has made good; clean; beautiful; precious.  We can come to this place of just peace and calm and silence, even in the aftermath of political strife and recovery from the devastation of an earthquake, and connect on a level we haven't at home.  Because here we are free from the noise and distraction.  And I am able to hug a mother who lost two children and cry, lay my head on her shoulders for comfort, pray together, because pain is pain.  Hurt is a universal language.  Motherhood is culture-blind.  So continue to pray for our team.  Our family here.  And when I say family, I mean those of us from America, those of us from Canada, and the people of Haiti that will impact us forever.  (Shaunte- TFH)