Well in Haitian time, we have finally made it to the blog......we have arrived safely and we are all excited to see what God has planned for us this week.  (Karen)

The team was fantastic traveling together.  There was just the right amount of laughter to quiet time ratio to keep us all in sync and things running smoothly......that is until we hit all customs points in Toronto, Miami and Haiti....Nikki affectionately gained her new nickname as "Dash" when she suddenly disappeared in Toronto......then Joel's custom official was positive there was explosive residue on him and he suddenly became a target to have a thorough and complete pat down of his entire body......and may we say several times.  We might also add that it's not a good time for the team to burst into laughter but we couldn't help ourselves.  Eventually, you will learn his nickname which is very appropriate to his encounter but we will give him time to adjust to it. Our Haiti customs encounter was focused on Liz who had no passport......in boarding the plane in Miami our carry on bags were unexpectedly taken from us which had Liz's passport in it. How could they ever question letting Liz into the counrtry knowing how great a heart that she has???? After jumping through a few hoops we were through the door, meeting the California team and making the trip to Haiti Arise .....and in record time. (Karen)

The drive through Port au Prince to Haiti Arise was an eye opening experience for most. There's nothing like it in Canada! From the crumbling buildings to the intense traffic to the brightly painted vehicles overflowing with Haitians to the people selling items on the side of the street.  But amongst all the devestation and heartache, we caught glimpses of amazing beauty. We were also touched by all the signs proclaiming Jesus Christ - such an outward expression of faith that you don't often see in Canada.  (Rachel)

Yesterday we had our first walk through the village of Grand Goave.  You really can't understand until you see it with your own eyes the way of life here.  There is so much effort put into what seems to us as such a simple task back home.  In the children's village sceptic beds were built.  In Canada, you would simply hire someone to come in with heavy equipment and dig the holes.  In Grand Goave, these were dug by hand using gourdes. (Rachel)

During our debrief last night, everyone shared different things that touched them in some way and it is evident that our experiences so far have been all over the map.  It was great hearing about the things we missed but others picked up on.  (Rachel)

Seeing the progression of Haiti Arise... the familiar faces and their recognition of you....participating in their worship......and seeing the unending hope that they have in our Lord who takes them through every trial that they encounter with a faith stronger then I've ever seen......yes, I can say it is good to be back.  It is now my pleasure and honor to walk with this new team through the journey that God has planned just for them. May each one of them be blessed as they experience the wonder of this great land and people. (karen)