We are on Day 3 of this incredible, amazing journey, and I truly believe our California crew has made our presence known here.  Full of laughter, tears, joy, and holy spirit filled prayer and praise, I can only say that The Father's House has truly blessed our team and we brought The Father's House spirit here.  Today will probably remain a highlight for most of us here as it was our first official community visitation where our team split up into two and went through a village to pray and evangelize to the local Haitian people.  As we reflected tonight on the rooftop of our Haiti Arise living quarters, underneath the stars, many of us were able to share the faith of the people here and how welcoming and thankful they were to have us come and pray for them.  The children smiled and beamed with so much happiness as we gave families hygiene kits and gave the little girls dresses that were made for them from a friend of our team leader, Randy.  We all have a testimony to share and realize our great purpose in being here, bring Haitians closer to Jesus.  But what I truly believe, is that they already have him in so many ways.  They have faith. Big Faith. Faith, that despite their circumstances, surpasses their circumstances. We were not turned away once.  Immediately, when the interpreter told the families that we were there to pray for them, they immediately allowed us into their yards, as we laid hands on them and their children.  

Up until this point, we have been able to work at the Children's Village, where they will be building an entire community including schools and housing for Haitian children and displaced people.  The Haiti Arise property is growing and beautiful and we are told has come a long way. We attended church last night, which was a bible study.  And guess on what topic: 1 Corinthians 12 -spiritual gifts.  Isn't God good?  God's plan and purpose has been no accident and we are all pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones.  We are impacted in every way here, from the beauty, the sounds, the children, the people.  We were able to play with the children during recess today and just experience the love and joy of the Haitian people.  We visited a goat farm and heard of the future plans for their plan on having a successful goat raising program.  We see people who wash on the side of the road, but what we see has been, for me at least, a testiment to their ability to live in spite of.  Not dwell on what they don't have, but make provision.  God's hands and feet are here.  A presence that can't be described in words.  As we handed a child, maybe 10 or 11 a dress, her eyes welled up in tears.  And then my eyes well up in tears.  The level of thankfulness that the Haitians have are abundant and overflowing.  As one of the missionaries mentioned during our night on the roof, our interpreter came to eat supper (I'm going to be calling dinner supper for a while) for each bite that he took, he was thanking God.

This mission is a blessing for each individual here.  And I have experienced joy on a whole other level here.  We laugh and are blessed and pray and worship and fellowship and I'm just smiling and happy because God is breathing new life in us.  As we hope to bring love, peace, and a piece of our life to them, they are doing the same for us; in an abundant and overflowing way.  He is making us better mothers because of this trip; better pastors because of this trip; forcing us to go beyond our comfort zone. And we will be able to serve better because of this place.  God is so here! (Shaunte, TFH)