Tomorrow morning we will be picking up our first two teams of the new year 2015. The Father's House team from Vacaville, California is on their way now. And Impact Church from Kingston, Ontario is also leaving today so that they can arrive tomorrow morning. We are eager to receive them! It's going to be fun having these teams here and getting to work again. One of our main projects this new year is to get the children's village duplexes finished so they can be occupied ASAP.we ask for your prayers for travel for both of our teams, and especially coming through Port-au-Prince, as there will be demonstrations happening tomorrow. We don't anticipate any problems, because the demonstrations lately have been well organized and just to protest the government. They have set routes where they are protesting and there's been minimal violence. But it still is good to pray for the teams safety. We also ask for your prayers for Keith and Andrea Collins as they have not been feeling well the last day or two. Here's a picture of TFH team on their way to the airport.