It’s been quite the day.  Last night Roy, the project manager for Haiti Arise, announced that the big “pour” was happening and all hands were needed on deck.  The Haitians arrived at 0700 to set up and by 0800 the “blancs” were on site.  Bucket by bucket concrete was passed up the scaffolding and poured on the roof top.  Roy figures 35 yards were poured by the end of the day. Most of us had our hands in it at one point, filling 5 gallon buckets with stone and gravel. (which were then picked up by the Haitians with one hand and poured in the mixer! L) There were plenty of tired folks this evening, but the joy of having that project competed was worth it all. 


Graham and Gene were sentenced to the woodworking shop with the admonition that, “I need you to make cabinets” so cabinets they made.  They made great progress; the cabinets will be going in the duplexes at the Children’s Village.   


Tannis held class number 3 for the Traditional Birth Attendant course.  The numbers increase every course, with 55 in attendance today.  Apparently the word is spreading in the villages.  What a fantastic opportunity to share with these community members who are so eager to learn.  The final installment is tomorrow. 

Ben Kim has been installing and updating computers for the site.  He is almost able to see the end of the pile. It had been a delight to work alongside each and every individual on this team as well as the other team and staff here at HA.

Tonight we gathered as a group to celebrate what God is doing here at HA.  The challenges, the joys, and the future of this ministry were shared and prayed for.  God is at work here and in our lives.  Pastor Wade had challenged us with the following statement:  “If having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the number one issue in life; which country is first world and which is third world; Haiti or the US/Canada?”

Thank you each one for praying for this outreach.  We are excited to share with you the lessons that we have learned and that God is teaching us.

-Joyce Richie