There is so much to say and no way for me to communicate in a way that would do it justice as we wrap up our trip here at Haiti Arise.  Like so many things here it seems so perfectly orchestrated - like our early morning devotional sunrises.   Come Sunday we started getting a little homesick (or wife sick), the team started talking a lot about our kids at home…but none of us quite ready to leave.  Today has been perfect we wrapped up with a hospital visit and a half day at the beach and ended with a church service… and we are ready to come home. God so moved in our hearts and was doing so many things in us that the wisest and gentlest elder among us our mama Renee decided she wanted to be baptized.  It was a time of rededication, releasing, and receiving healing for the journey and season she has been in- it was incredible.  I feel full. Spiritually, mentally and emotionally and am ready to decompress and process all the amazing things God has done on all the mind blowing things we have seen and experienced here in Haiti.  The people here are amazing Pastor Mark and Lisa, Wade and Marilynn, Roy and the whole Haitian staff.  They are world changes impacting Haiti and the team that visit them; it is a awe inspiring multi-dimensional ministry.  Haiti is an amazing place and there is a powerful generation of young men and woman Christians that I believe will change the face of Haiti over the next two decades – I was so privileged to meet some of these men and women of God.  We made a drive into Petit Goave to visit the hospital and witness the amazing changes God is already making through dedicated Haitians who are building their communities.   This is something you want to be part of God is doing amazing things in Haiti and He’s doing though people on the ground and native Haitians.  Haiti Arise seems to have mastered a plan to maximize impact to both Haiti and to the teams by allowing God a lot of room to work.  I took my three boys down here ages 15, 13, and 10 – and God did amazing things for each of them.  I would encourage anyone to come and if possible bring their kids- after salvation and Baptism this is likely the biggest spiritual event in their lives and maybe in mine as well.