When life gives you lemons, well, eat the dang lemons. Them lemons might be sour, but if they are, drown them in high fructose corn syrup, sugar, water you found in the mysterious stream by your house, and make some lemonade.  Basically, make lemonade.  Make it work.  This wonderful metaphor described our day today, in a nut shell.  This morning, we found our teammates scattered this way and that around Grand Goave, going places, running errands, and all that good stuff.  Most of the boys were returning from a night at the Honorat’s, one in which we witnessed the presence of a living, hand sized tarantula.  We easily disposed of this slight nuisance by first knocking it off the wall with a broken broom held firmly in Griffin’s hand, and then Pastor Mark maliciously beat the spider half to death with a mop, and I (Nate) finished the job by skillfully employing the use of an electric tennis racket bug zapper and toasting the arachnid like a cheap steak in a bad roadside steakhouse.  Anyway, we had teams ready to do our different tasks for the day, but then the there was a misunderstanding and the teams got split up.  We had to play it by ear, but we ended up with a finished path, and freshly laid concrete on the roof.  All was well.  A team of us were planning to go up to Tapion to finish up the work on the children’s church, and due to some light delays, the work overlapped with the second set of home visits.  We (Keith, Clay, Chad, Ben [from the other team] and I) are praying that the Lord will give us an opportunity to go do the home visits for that second time before we leave.  From the stories of all the other teammates, the home visits were absolutely amazing, and everyone had an amazing time ministering to the Haitian people.  Just now, we had an incredible debriefing discussion with Mark and Lisa Honorat in which we shared our feelings and experiences.  The presence of the Lord was definitely there.  Tomorrow is the last day, and we are all hoping that it will be a grand exit.