Hi, it's Saturday already!  I'm not sure where the time has gone.  We held 1st Aid courses on Friday and this morning.  Friday's course was held in the medical clinic (while the clinic was running) and had somewhere between 60 and 80 people listening.  It was a bit of chaos but was amazing to realize how much they wanted to learn.  Today's course had around 25 staff from Haiti ARISE in attendance. Again amazing to see how much they wanted to learn.  Some of them skipped other classes to come to the 1st Aid course.  It is humbling to see their eagerness to learn.  One of the miracles that happened with the 1st Aid was that Flint Oil Company sent 100 small individual 1st Aid kits with us.  We wanted to hand out a kit to every person that attended the course.  Guess how many we had in total attendance?  Exactly 100!!  God loves to show us that He has it all in His control!

I have been challenged this trip to examine my walk with the God.  I have come to realize that compared to the love these people have for God that my walk has become pretty apathetic.  I have so much and trust God so little and these people have so little and trust God so much. It is really scary to realize how complacent I have become.  I am praying that God will continue to work in my life as I return to Canada.


-Doug Richie


It is hard to believe it is a week since we left Canada. On Wednesday a group of us completed the drip irrigation for the grass test plots at the goat farm. Christoph the worker responsible watering the grass by hand pumping water into sprinkler cans and pouring it onto the grass, was very happy to see it completed. With consistent moisture the grass is finally germinating and beginning to look promising. It’s amazing how quickly the ground dries after a rain.

For the remainder of the week, we have been working on kitchen cabinets for the children’s village. One set that had been started before our arrival is complete and a second set started. 

This morning some of us walked through the market where the locals buy their food and other necessities. A very busy place full of people, motor bikes and donkeys. The farmers bring in their produce on donkeys and spend the day trying to sell what they have produced. Later in the afternoon we had a chance to relax on a beach in Haiti. Like every Caribbean beach, the water was a beautiful blue, the sand was white, the sun was hot and the water was warm.  The local fishermen served fresh caught lobster on the beach. What an enjoyable afternoon.

Throughout the week, there are two things that I have observed about the people of Haiti. One is an eagerness to learn whatever they can. This is especially true among the younger people.

The second is the uncompromising love of Jesus among the Christians of Haiti, evident in way they meet together to study, pray and worship, and by the way they care for each other. Clearly in this country once considered a dark place, the light of Jesus shines bright. This begs the questions, does my desire to follow Jesus even come close to the Christians of Haiti? Do I always reflect who Jesus is by the way I care for my neighbour?



-Gene Lesser