Warning not your normal blogger:  Nate, Drew and Griffin have become fast friends with Lisa and Marks children and as a result are having a sleepover so tonight the duty falls to me (Chad), sorry.   It was an amazing day we went to church in the morning, after a worship that moved us to tears Nathan and I were asked to give our testimony in front of the church.  It was such a honor and a proud moment for me to have a chance to share my testimony at the same time as my son.  He was amazing and I believe I was looking into the future as I heard him share.  We took a quick lunch and some of the team decided to take a walk around the community near the compound.  Keith and Andrea look like they belong here and it is exciting to see their hearts and be under their leadership here.  After the walk we packed up and headed up the mountain to the children’s church in Tapion.  It is a church that is full of mostly children, the church was full of almost 80 kids and they said many of the children were missing do to attending a funeral.  This is the building we are trying to expand so we can fit all these children that regularly attend.  The church is run by two young leaders from Haiti arise who have an amazing heart and way with the children.  They gave us a chance to share and Clay, Kayla, and Renee did a gospel presentation with Renee pulling out some cool sideshow tricks turning dirty water into clean water as an object lesson of Christ cleaning away our sins.  She had the kids fully engaged and in awe.  I had the privilege of doing a summary and an alter call where 4 children came forward.  In a surprise once we thought we were finished they started call us up one by one to give an impromptu message which Andrea and then Dawn handled quite gracefully after being put on the spot and delivered some heartfelt messages.  We ended the day going to a little restraunt and having a great time with old friends and new friends, we were also introduced to a dangerous war being Mark and Wade involving using bottle caps as Chinese stars, many were wounded but I’m not sure they ever hit each other.  It was a fun night that ended with us visiting Mark and Lisa’s house.  We look forward to wrapping up work projects tomorrow and doing our home visits.

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