Well, after several days of hard work, we were able to have a day of rest.  I say rest meaning a day without work, but it was a day far from just some R&R.  We started our Saturday out with some charades about scripture in Andrew’s action-packed devotional.  After breakfast, we hastily gathered our stuff and went to the market in downtown Grand Guave, which was a mile or so away.  It was REDICUOUSLY crowded, and quite unnerving, at least at first.  Eventually we were able to catch the flow of the constantly buzzing market place, and we could enjoy the beautiful sights, smells, and sounds of the market place, and we even purchased a few items ourselves.  We took the trip back and ate lunch, and then hastily gathered our different belongings and took a trip down to the beach, and gosh dang, it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.  The water was clear as a window that was freshly squeegeed.  But it was bitter.  It tasted pretty awful.  But it was warm.  Sooooo warm.  It was glorious.  We got the amazing chance to go snorkeling, and there were reefs EVERYWHERE.  Sea life was flowing from them in majestic waves of color, and it was B-E-A….. well, you get the idea.  We were even blessed enough to get our chomps into some fresh lobster.  If you are jealous, well, you should be.  Tomorrow will be the final day of our only full week here, and we have mixed feelings regarding the coming end.  We are so very excited to see what these last few days hold.

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