It’s been another busy day.  We were able to stroke a few things off the “to do” list with Gord finishing the painting of one room and the benches being finished. 






It is really exciting to see God use us in ways that we cannot imagine.  I have to tell you about our NRP (neonatal resuscitation program) today. The Traditional Birth Attendant course that Tanis has been teaching started off with 40+ in it on Wednesday.  Today there were 55+ in attendance.  Ruth and I have become quite adept at creating “birthing kits” to be handed out at the end of the course.  

Today the plan was to divide the course to teach some simple techniques, including the beginning of neonatal resuscitation.  We only had three dolls, so it was going to be a bit of a challenge to be sure.  One of the other challenges we were concerned about was how to help them identify heart rates.  When the local clinic administrator opened the course today, she opened with prayer and then had one of the participants lead in a song.  The first part of the song was exactly 60 beats per minute, the second half of the song was exactly 120 beats per minute.  When we asked what some of the birth attendants and midwives currently did if the baby was not breathing, we got a variety of answers.  They ranged from the recognized massage, slapping the soles of baby’s feet to some very unique and unorthodox methods of resuscitation. I don’t expect we will see them in the NRP guidelines any time soon. 

There were varying degrees of willingness to actually giving breaths and initiating compressions, but hopefully they will recall these options if they are ever presented with the situation.  Both sets of classes asked about what to do if it didn’t work.  It was hard to tell them that the baby would not live.  I am amazed by the thirst of these community members to learn.  They are willing to participate in anything they can, and come with eager attitudes and willing hearts. 

God is showing us daily how when we allow things to be orchestrated by Him, amazing things happen.  We are coming to realize that our job is to be willing vessels, open to what God has for us to do.  We are only as good as we are available.  Tonight as we debriefed as a team we were reminded again that we are responsible to use the gifts and talents that we have, not be concerned about what others are doing.  Thanks for your support and praying for us.  We will have many storied to share with you when we return!