I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the days just get better and better every day.  Today everyone pretty much did what they’ve been doing for the last few days, but Keith, Griffin, Andrew, Isaac, Chad, Clay, Kayla, Renae, and I (Nate) went back up to Tampion to do some expansion work on the children’s church.  Afterwards, around two o’clock, we began a Vacation Bible Study (VBS) for around 100 children.  The big kids played Sharks and Minows and the little kids played Simon says.  We then broke for church, sang a song, and then put on a inprov skit about Abraham and Jonah, which seemed to be a hit with the Haitian children, as they laughed and squealed and clapped.  They then colored for a bit, grabbed a sucker each, and left, laughing.  We loved being able to have that experience with the Haitian children, all of them were so innocent and caring.  The rest of the evening was filled with soccer, scattered chores, and debriefing.   Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, and we are all excited to see what we’ll get to experience.