Great day today, which is no surprise.  Chad and Keith left early this morning during Rhett’s astounding devotional in a bus to Port au Prince to retrieve our bags.  But that wasn’t all.  Chad, after so many prayers, was granted the impossible privilege to go to where the Hotel Montana used to stand.  It was here that a close family friend, David, was killed shortly after the horrendous earthquake that devastated the nation of Haiti.  He was able to retrieve some of the soil as a monumental memento to David’s memory.  While this was all happening, Kayla and Renae were training midwives in a birthing course at the clinic, continuing on their work from yesterday.  Andrea, Andrew, Dawn, and I, along with some members of the other team as well as some Haitian buddies continued OUR work from yesterday by happily and enthusiastically putting a second   layer of stain on ALL of the pews (and ourselves).  Clay, Isaac, and Griffin got themselves busy doing caulking (sealing) the windows in the children’s village, and they did a mighty fine job on 24 CONSECUTIVE WINDOWS in the blistering heat. Rhett continued to weld, but we let him do that himself.  Later, we were privileged enough to make some house visits, which we all found quite enthralling.  The Haitian people were all so accepting and understanding, and we all began to see what a rude and filthy culture we have in the United States.  We have so much stuff that doesn’t even matter, yet so little of the stuff that does matter, whereas the Haitian people seem to have the opposite; so little of the stuff that doesn’t matter and so much of the stuff that really does matter.  Our hearts were all truly touched by the incredible acceptance and openness of the Haitians.  Just a little while ago, we had a debriefing period in which we shared the highlights of our experience so far.  We also wrote down lies that Satan had come against us with, and we crumpled them up and tossed them away, disabling their power in Jesus’ name.  Clay seemed exceptionally eager to disable the lies against him, seeing as though he “accidentally” tossed his piece of paper into the mosquito candle.  That lie literally met the flames of destruction. Spirits are high, and everyone is in a good mood as we prepare to enter into our fourth day in Haiti.

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