Another astounding day today, it just keeps getting better.  This morning I (Nate) had the awesome opportunity to lead the devotional this morning.  Soon after, Clay, Keith, Griffin, Isaac, Andrew, and some Haitian friends went to the children’s village to clean up the windows we caulked yesterday.  Chad spent the morning on the computers; his forte.  Rhett did some welding once again.  It seems to be becoming a pretty consistent pattern. Dawn and Andrea passed the time by untying lots of rebar on the roof. Andrea said that she had lots of fun untying rebar.   No joke, she saw it as exciting activity.  Might be an interesting hobby to pick up.  Kayla, and Renae again went on teaching the midwives in the birthing course for the clinic.  This is a real important class for both Renae and Kayla and it means quite a lot to them, and they have done so well.  Later, we moved the finished benches/pews into the church and we also began work on a little pathway going from the elementary school to the bathroom so that the children do not have to walk through all the mud and puddles.  During that time, a group of us consisting of myself, Griffin, Andrew, Isaac, Chad, Keith, Andrea, and Clay went up to Tapuón to the children’s church to begin work on expansion.  We spent over an hour pouring cement and removing rocks as a handful of Haitians from the community watched, and on occasion, participated.  We still had some time left on our hands before our driver and transportation came back, so we attempted to communicate with the group that had been watching us.  When we returned, the pathway was halfway done and looked beautiful.  It had been a productive day, but it wasn’t over yet.  We went to a “prayer service,” but this was no ordinary prayer service.  Oh no, no, this was like worship on steroids.  For a good solid two hours, we worshiped in complete and utter surrender and wholeness.  The Haitian people held nothing back, and we were inspired by their eagerness and willingness to worship without boundaries.  And boy did they ever.  Tomorrow we have many plans, plans that will not be revealed until tomorrow.  So sleep well, live long, prosper, and be of good cheer.