“A job you give to get. A ministry you return something already given to you.”

After tiresome journey to Grand Goave, everyone seemed to have a great sleep. The first team devotional started at 6:30 am on the roof of the guest house under the beautiful sunrise.






There are LOTS of projects available for everyone as you can see in the picture. From those, there’s been several projects that were planned today.

Tapion Children’s Church: Doug, Gord, Graham and 3 others from Kalispell team checked out a children’s church at Tapion, Haiti. It’s a 15-miunte-drive away from Haiti Arise to the church. The church would like to increase its building size because of increasing number of children attending. There are currently 200 kids and there are no space left for others. The plan is to add roof on both sides and a wall on the one side of the building. The wall is to keep the wind and rain out. There’s already $2300 available from donation to the project, and priced out all the materials needed and left extra $1300 to be used for other project for Tapion children’s church.

Traditional Birth Attendane Education: This project is good to go as they planned an introductory session on Wednesday. This project will be managed by Tannis, Joyce, Ruth, and Kayla from Kalispell. The session is open for anyone who is interested in learning about TBA, especially pregnant women. In addition, they want to do a community survey about community’s desire for TBA course. Through these things they want to generate enough interest for traditional birth attendant among the community to have an official TBA course offered at school.

Children ministry: Graham, Andrea, and Dawn are planning VBS on Friday. The theme will be “God loves you and He has a plan for your life.” During brainstorming, Miesha Honorat, one of the kids of Mark and Lisa gave a lot of positive feedback for VBS with her experience with local friends. Graham said that it is an initial planning and there is more work to be done.

Varnishing the pew: Haiti Arise’s church is growing and it requires new 11 chairs to be made. 7~8 members including myself participated in this potentially fun project. At first, it took about an hour to varnish just one pew. However, everyone got used to it and was reduced by more than a half. But hey, there was no quota set so everyone had a blast!! (Not to forget washing our hands with turpentine, too).






Goat farm: Goat farm project is currently having issues with dry surface caused by hot weather. Gene, Dan, and Gord will experiment with different grass to see which one grows the best and build an irrigation system for watering the grass. Then they will monitor the result for necessary feedback.

First aid education project is modified from the original concept and going to train few leaders. And the church invited the team to have first aid class on Saturday.

And one project just got added is a cabinet project for children’s village. It was started by other teams but Graham and Gene are willing to continue the work.

Besides from all the projects and work we are doing, Haiti Arise believes that it is very important to maintain a personal relationship with Jesus. And in terms of workload and expectations, Haiti Arise is pretty liberal because they want to put God’s will as a number one priority. At around 5~6 pm, the entire team joined the local church service. The sermon was based on 1 Corintians 3. You may think that it is nothing different from North American church services, but the passion and eagerness to learn and discuss about Bible is nothing that’s been experienced in North America. After the sermon by local pastor is over, Haitians have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the sermon or the scripture that was based upon. And it was clearly visible that the local Haitians wanted to implicate what they’ve learned to their communities and churches to better serve the Christ.






We are extremely happy and blessed that we could be part of this amazing movement that God has planned for Haiti. God has definitely brought many Haitian souls back to himself and is rebuilding the community in which is done by His will. We thank God for all of His perfect plans and the opportunity to serve. We also thank Haiti Arise for encouraging and enabling us to focus God first in the midst of the business.

With all of that said, tomorrow will be a busy day for most of us as we are working on projects with full speed ahead. Thank you for your prayer and please continue to pray for us and the group from Kallisbell so that we can be sensitive to what God has to say in such projects and to individuals. Also pray so that interruptions will be stopped if there are any. We will keep you updated for any new stuff for tomorrow!!

-Ben Kim

P.S: Joyce Richie says: “Happy birthday mom!! :) “.