Well, we were told last night that every day was going to be different from the last, and that most definitely held true tonight.  This morning Chad and Isaac brought a great word in devotionals as we leapt into our second day.  Soon after, a group of leaders, including Clay, Keith, and Andrea, departed temporarily to a “kid’s church” to map out ideas.  This is a church in which all the adults left, but the children remained, coming out of the mountains by the truckload.  It seems as though we have received some specific funds for this project and we may soon be able to begin work on it.  Meanwhile, Dawn, Kayla, and Renae were trained to work in the clinic, so they did a lot of training as a nurse would.  Me (Nate), Chad, Andrew, Isaac, Griffin, and some of the local children helped stain some of the benches that would be put in the church.  We were joined occasionally by Renae, Dawn, Kayla, Clay, and Rhett.  Rhett got himself busy with wielding, as was expected, it being his specialty and all.  We went to church this evening, and it was quite an interesting experience.  We worshiped as slides were projected onto the wall, and they were in Creole, and in English in small font on the bottom.  We were all fascinated by this, seeing as though the tune was the same, yet the language was different.  We eventually went on to the message, and we were all fascinated by the word being in Creole, and then being translated into English.  The sermon seemed more like a bible study, seeing as though the congregation were permitted to ask questions at the end of the service.  After church, a group of Haitian children came along with Griffin, Andrew, Isaac, and I and we proceeded to teach them popular dances from the USA, including the Macarena, which became extremely popular among our Haitian/Grand Guave friends, and they are still singing and dancing along at this very moment.  We are having debriefing with the Canadian friends, and we having fun learning about each other.  This may be a good time to describe the compound.  There is a concrete wall around the entire compound, with barbed wire around the top.  At the front, there is the elementary school that the Kindergarten through sixth grade children attend.  Next to that, there is a medical clinic that is open Monday, Friday, and Saturday.  Across from our housing, there is a technical institute about 100 yards or so away.  Behind that, there was the church, in which sat some shop made pews.  Much is still to be done, and we are so excited to see what is going to happen tomorrow!