Well, we had a really long day that started at 0500 Sunday for some of us...and ended right now with a few winks in between...trying to sleep at Miami airport was a bust. We were pleased to land in Haiti and into their new(to us since our last visit 2 years ago) airport... It was pretty impressive and we were happy to see alot of improvements in Port au Prince from rubble cleanup post earthquake... to new construction.



While we were happy to leave the unforgiving Canadian snowfall, an escape to Miami airport was not really the most ideal one...


And landing at the repaired Port-au-Prince Airport gave us surprise, as some of the members remember going through customs at the hanger under the scorching weather. Not only the airport, Port-au-Prince itself is showing signs of improvements as roads are newly paved, garbage piles reduced, and even some flowers were planted along the way. After a whole day spending on flight and 2 and a half hours of drive to Grand Goave, we have finally arrived at Haiti Arise mission site!! We are also joining the group from Kalispell, Montana for this short term mission and excited to witness what God will continue to do at Haiti Arise together. We'll bring more informations as we start to do some projects starting tomorrow but meanwhile, we are pretty exhausted so we will be hitting the bed for now :)

-Ben Kim

P.S: Also... We presented 7 laptops from our group and 2 laptops from Kalispell to Marc and Lisa. They were thrilled to receive laptops after they were praying about new laptops to be used for their ministry!!