Today was an eventful first day, to say the least. The trip began as we had complications with the baggage at Glacier International Airport, and we learned that we would have to re-check our bags in Phoenix, which happened to be our shortest layover period.  We flew from Kalispell to Seattle, and from Seattle to Phoenix.  We sent about half of us to go get our bags re-checked and to go through security.  Little did we know, ALL of us would end up getting sniped in security.  But, just as God would have it, all of our team members were able to blow through security and barely make the boarding, and we even got our bags paid for.  Following this, we flew into Miami, ate a quick breakfast, and flew into Port au Prince.  Things were a tiny bit chaotic, seeing as though we were in another country and all very excited.  Unfortunately, the NCC team received news that two of our bags were missing; they were still in Phoenix, but we expect them to be here tomorrow.  We boarded a bus en route to Grand Goave, along with a group from Alberta.  The trip of only about two hours seemed to be a life time.  Mile after mile we were full of unbelief at the shambles that was Port au Prince in complete and utter shock.  What was even more unbelievable was the fact that, according to Haiti Missions Veterans, it was a huge improvement from what it was previously. Our hearts ached for the people of Haiti.  We ended up at the campus, full of people of all ages.  As we exited the busses, we were swarmed by elementary school children who were currently partaking in recess.  Tons of kids sprinted to the fence, and some even hopped the fence, just to see us.  They laughed and squealed as they threw themselves at our feet and took flying leaps into our arms, and there was nobody in that group without a giant smile on their face.  We eventually ended up taking a tour of the campus and the surrounding areas, were we experienced firsthand even more of the Haitian culture.  At the end of the day, in our debriefing period, we shared our thoughts and feelings on what all had happened to us in the span of only one day.  We all agreed that we were excited for what the Lord had in store, yet our hearts were heavy as we saw firsthand what kind of conditions the Haitian people live with.  We all felt quite blessed, and rightfully so.  We were blessed, because for as much adversity as we faced with our flights, the Lord came through, providing just what we needed just when we needed it.  We were also blessed to feel the loving embrace of the Haitian people, especially the children, who came to us with such love and innocence, though they absolutely no idea who we were.  Yet another reason to be thankful was the fact the weather was nice and there were virtually no mosquitoes.  Hallelujah! Finally, we were blessed to make it here safe and sound.  To the supporting families back home, we are fine and dandy and plan to keep it that way!  We are all so excited to see what tomorrow brings, and we can’t wait to experience all that God has for us along the way.