Probably the most incredible times I and others have experienced on this trip have been the neighborhood visitations. For me, these have been the most powerful moments walk up and around incredibly rocky (large rocks) roads, and to stop at an utterly poverty stricken home or hovels and be invited to share how I met Jesus. I was priveleged to do this three times, and asked to pray with the occupants, and sometimes even to share with them how they can ask Jesus into their hearts. How it takes no special prayer, no special word, just as God says, just ask Him and He will tell you. 

By all reports other small groups had the same amazing experiences some varying to some degree or other, but all Spirit led and fruitful. God is so good. After all was this not why we are here? There are no words to express what God does to your heart when you can witness for Him about Him.

Joan gave us all a few moments of mystery, then a bit of a scare. Had somethng hapened to her? We were all on the roof for debrief, that is, all except Joan. After quite a while, there was still no Joan and there was some discussion as to who was to go and look for her, whether husband Ron, or leader, Lisa. After some discussion, Lisa went off to look for her. After yet another while, neither returned. We contemplated sending someone else after them but decided that we could end up with only one person left on the roof. Sooooo, we decided to shout their names in unisome. We tried this a couple of times to no avail. Then a few minutes later they both appeared and announced that thay had been locked inside the hallway of the technical building and only Lisa's "lock picking" abilities got them out. Hurray!!!!

Finally we were able to spend an awesome time with Lisa and Marc Honorat, as they told us about their story. They also shared with us their amazing vision for Haiti. After that, they wanted to debrief with us; after which, we all gathered around Marilyn and Wade and prayed for them, and did the same for Lisa, Marc and their family and for Haiti.

It was a fitting end to an awesome day.