Today overall was full of events, but none of them topping the end of the day as we attended evening church. Our service began with a woman coming to the front and sharing her testimony with the people there today. She began telling her story of her walk with God, though it came to some halts as the power on the compound was having some troubles, causing the power to cut in and out during the service as well as the rest of the day. This posed a slight problem to us as we counted on being able to hear Lisa Honorat translate the woman's story to us. Eventually the power gave out completely, and we were lost as she continued to tell her story in Creole. We could only assume that her story about her walk with God was an amazing one, due to everyone muttering to the people next to them - even resulting in short outburst of everyone sharing audible comments. Once she finshed she was given a grand applause by everyone. The truly memorable moment of the service was really the song that followed that brought the church to life in a new way. The song began and was quickly responded to by everyone clapping along and singing, but one by one we began to notice people slowly dancing in and beside the pews. As the song continued, the spirit of the church began to grow to an uncontrollable explosion of pure worship. With hands high in the air, the Haitians sang loud enough for the compound to hear (and probably everyone in the surrounding area.) Their overall praise during this song was like no other I have seen, as it can only be described as something only the Holy Spirit coud choreograph. The joy that resinated in the church seemed to have a life of its own as it filled the room to the very peak. The beautiful voices and dancing, all in an epic collection of praise, shook the floor. This sight was something that brought a never ending smile to all our faces and even some tears to others just from being enwrapped in the seemingly infinately growing hapiness that flowed within and out of the church. Though one thing that brought an extra wide smile to our faces was seeing the top of a familiar head bobbing up and down across the church in one of the three dance lines that were encircling the row of pews. Let's just say Kevin did a great chanelling of his inner Haitian that service as he sweated and danced while praising the Lord. It safe to say that he may have had the most fun (and persperated the most) of all of us; though there were some adorable old Haitian women throwing down some funky moves for the Lord that I don't think even Kevin could compete with. Other than the uplifting service the day was very productive as new pews were almost all assembled, large signs began to be put up (as well as fixed/repaird), decorations for the schools were coming into their final stages, and the goat farm got some new fencing, in addition to Jan talking to many of the kids that joined them at the farm (both of the human and goat kind). As the trip comes to an end, I grow more and more eager to see everyone at home and give them all big hugs. Hearing from everyone each night is such a nice way to end the night as it reminds me of the many loved ones back home praying for all of us.

Lots of love to all of you, and a special good morning or good night to a special someone <3. Looking forward to hearing from everyone I miss so dearly, and even more to seeing you when we all return. Much love and prayers to everyone at home and good night.