Today was a very 'chruch' filled day. We began bright and early with a 7;30 breakfast, and 8am church. Like usual, the Haitans praised the Lord with so much passion and love. Hands were raised high in the air and even some of our team members were singing along in Creole. Terry, Wendy, Joan, Kevin, and Mark all shared their testimonies with the church full of people. There was tears of happiness and movement as they shared. Around ten Emily, Mark, Melissa, Matthias, Lucas and Jan all went to the children's Sunday School. They did finger painting with the kids, they had a white piece of paper with a cross in the center which they painted. Also, the paint ended up more on everyones faces than it did on the paper. Mark became a master at butterflies and Lucas drew soccer balls on almost everybody. Both Church ministries ended around 11. We all gathered in the dining room to freshen up before lunch. Ashley joined us at lunch after a morning of rest due to a severe sunburn on her face. Emily and Rick then washed the dishes while everyone else napped and got ready for Tapion ( The Children's Church.) Once 3 o clock hit we all piled in the vans and headed up the mountain to the church. When we arrived, we were greeted by a small group of Haitans who were waiting for us in the small church which was made up a couple beams and a roof. Within 20 minutes, the group grew to about 100 kids from ages 2-16 ( So wonderful to see kids that young with an interest in the Lord.) We then presented a Creation skit and then handed out colouring sheets that corresponded with the presentation. The kids had to kneel down so they could colour on the wooden benches. They all shared crayons and we were surprised that all the crayons got returned afterwards. Some of the stronger boys carried out two full duffel bags containing webkinz and hygiene packages. Everyone got one and the smiles were absolutely priceless. Even an elderly man of about 90 years old took home a hygiene package and a webkinz chicken. ;) Once our part was finished, it was followed by singing Old Macdonald ( in Creole) by Joan and Wendy. Then, to wrap up the church service some of the Haitan boys performed a skit about how everything God has given us has a purpose; even bums ( You had to be there.) ;) It was a really good and fulfilling experience for not only them, but our whole team. The church finished around 6. We arrived back at the compound to freshen up and grab our money for dinner only to leave ten minutes later. We jumped in the back of the truck/van and drove to Mark And Lisa's house. We parked and then walked three blocks through the town to arrive at a restraunt called Mondy's. Our waiter, cook and restaunt manager was Jean-Marie. He passed around cold cokes and 7-up. Our food was brought to us within minutes; it was so delicious. <3 We had a choice between chicken or goat. Both were great! We finished around 7:30 and walked through still bustling streets to Mark and Lisa's house. Roy drove us around the long route through Grand Goave where we heard loud music, saw many Haitans and donkeys. It is very different at night then during the day. In as little as 10 minutes we arrived back at the compound where once again we met on the roof for our nightly debrief. What a great way to close this overall The Lord's fantastic day. Now for a good nights rest only to continue our work tomorrow. 


P.S - Kevin misses his family, especially Erica ooo ;) xoxo 

Hope all is well in Canada, we love and miss you all. 

We really appreciate comments ( there is a contest going on about who can get the most and we know we are the rightful winners.)