So today has been a rather busy, exhausting day. It started out with a crazy trip to the market after not getting the best nights sleep. Visiting the market down here is quite the experience; full of interesting smells, people, and loads of craziness. We are surprised we all made it out of there together and alive thanks to our wonderful translaters.

After the market some of us were put to work on some painting in the elementary school doing some leaves along the edges of the rooms, others were working on the painting of new signs for the compound.  Hygene packs were put together for our trip to the childrens church tomorrow as well.  

We then got the pleasure of venturing out to the beautiful beach where we spent our entire afternoon. While at the beach we had the opportunity to enjoy some delicious fresh out of the water lobster after enjoying a long swim in the warm water with Mark and Lisa's children. (So much energy they have) Many of us also had the privilige to ride in the back of the truck again, such a great experience for those on this trip that have not had the chance to do so before. At the end of this long day a few of us may have come back with quite the sunburns, but so worth it. Needless to say many of us youngins are rather exhausted and ready for bed. 

xoxo We miss you, so send us some love, Chantelle and Melissa.