Bonswa! (Good Evening)

Another day in paradise, albeit a muggy day...we had rain last night.  The grounds were quite muddy, so it was a common sight to see everyone scraping mud off their shoes.  It's now 10pm, our time (6pm yours), and it's still warm and muggy out.

Early in the day, at Joan's special request, the cooks did their rendition of a favourite Haitian song (Sel mwen ki konnen - which means, Just me, I remember...) Their lovely voices and harmonies resounded in the large kitchen. Wendy, Terry and Joan could not help but join in for many rounds.  Later, while painting the ironwork around the patio the girls broke out in "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," thinking that singing while you work increases productivity and enjoyment.

We didn't go to the beach today Erica; we stayed home... I mean at the compound... and worked HARD.  As Marilyn mentioned, Abe was on the roof cutting off protruding (trip hazard) rebar, as was Lisa - who was the only brave one to stick it out, hanging over the edge of the roof to paint the trim. Tiling and metalwork continued, and a design for the elementary school graphics started to come together. A recent paint job had covered all the previous artwork from our visit 3 1/2 years ago. However, the leaf cutouts were salvaged and will be added to the new school wall art.

We were treated to a tour of the agricultural accomplishments that Louisa and Lawrence (from Chilliwack) have made with their class of 80 students (they were prepared for 20).  Apparently beans grow very well here - up to 4 crops a year!  From planting the seed to a 3" plant takes as little as three days!

The whole area is lush and green with much more evidense of agriculture due to it being the rainy season and  a John Deere tractor has been making the rounds tilling the ground for the locals.  The mango trees (and other species) are HUGE, both on the compound and in the surrounding area.

Lisa is suggesting that we head to bed now, so our blog must come to an end!

- Wendy and Joan

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