First things first. Hi Erica. Hi Carter. Hi Olivia. Hi Sawyer. Love you and miss you all!

After seeing pictures and videos from 6 other teams from Surrey Alliance, it's quite surreal to see those pictures turn into real life, in 3D. Trying to connect my reality to this reality is quite a challenge; especially in these first couple of days of settling in and adjusting. However, tonight we went to church. Thursday church is basically a prayer meeting. We sang and prayed, and prayed and sang for an hour. I've already made several personal connections here, but tonight I really felt Holy Spirit connect my spirit with theirs as we worshipped and called to God together, the language barrier not meaning too much by the end.

This morning we continued with most of the projects that the boys described from yesterday - grouting, painting, metal fabrication - and some did some more sorting of supplies to give out - kids cloths,  teddy bears, etc. In the afternoon we walked to another property that Haiti Arise has that has beach front. We did some swimming in some very nice warm, salty water. However, we did have a very serious purpose as well for going to the beach. We stood and sat in the water in a long line reaching out from the beach and we worked (very?) hard picking up rocks from the ocean bed and throwing them out of the way to create a walking path to a sandier area further out.

See you soon.

Bondye beni ou!