Our travels went fairly smoothly with the exception of a passport issue. Matthias' passport had been waterlogged in a washing machine incident previous to the trip. The Nickel's were nearly forced into turning around and leaving the group. After that we had a smooth trip and landed safely in Haiti. Once we entered the airport we were treated to a mass of people trying to act as our porters. After gettting through the baggage check, we then packed our gear into a few vans and left for the Haiti Arise compound. On the way we saw thousands of people - Porte-au-Prince is a bustling city of chaos. Thousands of people were milling about on the side of the street socializing and selling/buying merchandise. Once we reached the compound, we were debriefed and shown the different facilities on the compound. We were all fairly exausted after our long travel day and were quick to find our rooms and get some rest.

The following morning we woke up to a walk through the village. We saw poverty, malnourished children and garbage littered all around. It is a different way of life over here. We then had lunch and were given tasks for the afternoon. Wendy, Terry, Joan and Kevin took care of painting part of the roof of our main building. Mark, Melissa, Jan, Rick and Emily took care of grouting and tiling in the Technica. Abe worked the rototillar. Luke, Matthias and Ron were incharge of the metal fabrication and welding. Chantelle and Ashley were incharge of constructing our health packages. While Lisa supervised the entire compound making sure everyone stayed on task. After work we cleaned up and ate dinner. Following dinner we went on another walk to the other side of the village seeing much of the same malnourishement as we saw before. We finished the night with a debrief talk on the rooftop of our building.

-Luke, Matthias