Well, today is Wednesday and the Horizon Medical Team has already been hard at work in Haiti for four days.

After a smooth arrival in Port au Prince, and an attempt to leave Ray at the airport, we made the unusually quick drive to Grand Goave incurring only one flat tire. Once everyone had settled in, we had a meeting with Marc, Lisa and the local Friends Helping Friends clinic staff, arranging plans for the coming days. Along with the local physician, Dr Fritz, and the clinic director and nurse, Lea, we’d be working with a team of Haitian staff and translators to provide medical consultations to members of the community.

Monday was a busy day, with everyone hard at work in the medical clinic, trying to learn the clinic’s systems and achieve optimal patient flow without disrupting their routines. Much of the day passed in a blur, as more than 150 patients passed through the gates.

Tuesday included a walking tour of Haiti Arise’s current projects including the trade school, Children’s Village, goat farm and beachfront building project. And after seeing the fabulous ocean, we had to return later that afternoon for a quick swim.

Again on Wednesday, each doctor, paired with a Haitian translator, settled into their exam rooms, while two Haitian staff, Daryl and myself set to work assessing vital signs for each patient prior to their consultation with the physician. Frequently having to check blood pressures twice, we were seeing systolic numbers over 200.

As the day progressed, patients flowed in and out, with medications and wise counsel in hand. With eye problems being one of the common complaints, many were able to be assessed for appropriate reading glasses and were given fashionable sunglasses to combat Haiti’s bright sun and dusty streets.

Meanwhile, on a different part of the campus, Dan, Marty and Marc connected with the dean, director and administrator of the Haiti Arise Trade School to ask many questions and ascertain much information for strategic planning purposes.

As our day winds down with a rambunctious game of “Up and Down the River”, we leave you with a few photos from the days past.

Honorary Horizon Medical Team member