Today was our final day.  We are packed and ready to go home first thing in the morning.  

On behalf of our team, thank you to those at home for your prayers,fund raising assistance, and personal financial support for this team trip from Impact Haiti.  We will definitely be back for trip 2. We came here to be a blessing to the Haitians and we are coming away with the greater blessing.  They have taught us so much and how they rely totally on God for their every need is far beyond what we as Canadians begin to comprehend.  

We painted pretty much all industrial kitchen that will be doing classes as soon as its totally prepared.....painting at the children's village.....working in the medical clinic......home visitation to the local communities.....and so much more.  I encourage you to read back if you are reading for the first time to see all that we did from everyone's perspective.  

The team of 14 that we brought were fantastic.  Everyone worked together to make this week a blessing to each other, to Haiti Arise as well as into the surrounding community.  Thank you to everyone for your efforts and making this team shine for God's glory.

To Haiti Arise, Marc and Lisa, Wade and Marilyn and the fantastic team here......thank you for allowing us this privelege. The work you are doing here is staggering and what has been accomplished throughout the last 10 years is awesome. May God bless your efforts in the coming year as more teams come to serve and you broaden your vision for Haiti.

Finally...... to the team from Bethel. What a week!  All the way around, we so appreciated getting to know you and to work along side of you. May the friendships that we have fostered here continue to grow and who knows.....maybe we will be all back at the same time next year!  May God bless you as you go back to your homes and allow this time to change your footsteps.

So we are off until the next time....we are passing the torch onto the next team.  May you be blessed just as we were.