Up until this evening it has been unbelievably dry here.  Right now it is pouring rain, the start of the rainy season.

Wow is it ever pouring and it is just not stopping  I thnk we will have some flooding. Argh I put my stuff on the clothesline to dry!!!

Today was Sunday in Haiti..another new cultural experience.  Kids Church starts at 7 AM.  People walk up to one and a half hours to get to church for 8 AM.  Hottest day yet for us in Haiti, no thermometer just sweat to judge temperature by!

Church was packed with families.  During worship they raised the roof, unbeliveable singing, beautiful, and with such vigor it was truly moving.  Best thing though was when they turned on the fans.  Church is a roof, no walls.  Everything is in Creole and English using an interpreter.  The interpreters are our life savers here.

Our Creole is really coming along we now know two words in Creole -Bonjou (good morning), and bonswa (good afternoon/evening) and a whole phrase Na we pita (See you later).

Saw the cutest baby.  Jess, Brianna and Brooke were staring at the baby on the mothers lap so she just came over an handed the baby to them.  They all took turns holding her and she was very smiley and talkative.  The kids just love to touch us and be held by us.  If you walk down a road a child will come up and just hold your hand and walk along with you.  They want you to pick them up and they wrap themselves around you.

We went to the beach today, the one that you turn right at the cow, go past the two goats and a left at where the guys are mixing concrete.  And if you are blanc the workers will even point you in the right direction.  Kids followed us to the beach, they just start walking with you and it really hard to get them to stay.  We went farther down the beach because everyone was getting cut up by the coral.  Along with us came the vendors and they were set up completely surrounding us.  Beautiful weather and gorgeous water.  And, by the way it is still pouring rain.  Pretty much everyone got a burn and apparently Dad's aren't very good at putting sunscreen on their daughter's back.  Lots of lobster caught right at the beach by local fisherman in dug out canoes.  

Tonight we went out for Goat and Coke.  Who would of thought they have a restaurant in Grand-Goave.  It is Marc and Lisa's favorite.  The original owner has moved to Montreal and an employee has takien it over.  Our first experinece at eating goat and fried plantain.  It was very good.  Tonight was also rah rah (no idea how to spell it).  People dancing through the streets in a big group with there own brass band.  Grand Goave has about five working street lights so they seem to just go aroud and around the same small area.  The restaurant is entirely open with a colourful corrigated tin roof.  During dinner it started to pour, quite noisy with the tin roof.  The teens checked it out and the rain feels the same as Canadian rain and it makes you just as wet.  Garbage and half broken down buidings everywhere.  Drainage is a deep trench along the side of the road in the city.  The road is super sloped to drain to the trench.  The trench is full of garbage.  Wow it is still pouring and it is just not stopping

We are watching a movie tonight in the church and the only problem is we have to get through the pouring rain and we don't have an umbrella.


I guess that is all for now.  Keep tuned for tomorrows update from our head of security J.


See you all soon,  B and R