Bon nwit Mesyedam

Today's update is brought to you by Colleen and Meg.

What an incredible day!  Many projects are going on all the time, and even though many are being completed there is always more to do.  I (Colleen) even found a sewing project!

There is so much happening that it's hard to get a hold on time here. I (Meg) seem to be wanting a watch more often, while mum has forgone hers altogether (I (Colleen) am embracing the 'ish'). We both made some friends with the group from Bethel, as with the entire Impact team, and together, we've gotten a lot of things done. I even learned (Sort of) how to tile! And that is just the start of it!

I (Colleen) have to say though, this is so much more than completing projects.  God is here!  He is present in every part of this beautiful country and this amazing people.  Before coming here, I was uncertain of how anything I had ever experienced would translate and connect with the people of Haiti.  But God has a plan, and I am amazed at how each member of each team has found a connection point here.  Something that they either connect with or have a skill to offer.  The other day when we were visiting in the area, I had a chance to pray with a woman who's main concern was how to continue to afford her home.  I understand that.  Our economy may be different, but our concerns are the same.  Another woman just wanted a better life for her children, and yet another woman was troubled with morning sickness.  I  am totally in awe of how connected I feel to this country and this people.  

I (Meg) have met so many amazing people. My Interpreters are fantastic, and they know so much about Haiti. One of my friends in the Bethel group went out on visitations the other day, and was talking with one of the interpreters and had asked if he knew which houses had voodoo practitioners in them. When he responded yes, she wanted to know if he would ever take them to those houses. He said that for our safety, he would never take us to one of those homes. For our safety. He, and the others, are so concerned that we never come into close contact with harm, because we are not used to Haitian culture. I am blessed to know that our guides to this amazing country are filled with such compassion.

There have so many firsts for Meg and I.  Leaving Canada for the first time, eating a mango, seeing the market.  Today was no different.  This afternoon, we had the opportunity to go to the beach.  In a word, WOW!  For those of you who have had this experience, bear with us.  After a 20 ish minute walk, through rough paths and dusty roads, we came to this stretch of beach.  Beautiful Blue ocean, and mountains reaching right down into the water.  And it was so warm!  We swam and snorkeled for a good two hours.  Seeing the coral reef, with all the fish and anemone and urchins and stuff... it is amazing.  God is such an artist.  The beauty here is beyond my ability to describe.  I barely know her, but I am so in love with this country.

And wow, that Ocean. Mum and I were able to taste the difference between ocean and lake water for the first time. And wow is there a difference. I am thankful for our beautiful salt-free water. And today for the first time, I saw the Coral Reef in person. Live. Fishies and Anemememeoneies(?) and coral and everything! I can't even words. And then I was able to see all of the beautiful stars! I was struck by how beautiful and precious everything we see and sense and hear and know are. It is no wonder us as human beings are so creative when our creator is such an artist. And the Haitian people know how to make something beautiful. When we went to market for the first time(!!!), I got a pretty mirror, and it was decorated with strips of pop can! It is amazing and I can't wait to take it home. And everything here is like that. These people can take something dull and make it new and shiny. 

There is so much here that is amazing. I (Meg) am not sure if I'll be able to leave. It is so... Wow here. And I know we've said that a few times now, but bare with me, it is my first time out of Canada. So for now, We bid you bon nwit (good night) and Bondye beni ou (God bless you).  It's time to go enjoy ( and I mean this sincerely!) another cold shower and settle down for bed.  Morning comes early, and tomorrow's church service for most of the team starts at 8 (sharp) and for me (Colleen ) since I'm going to a different service with Lisa Church is at 7!  (And we think Impact has an early service)

So, N a wé demen. (See you tomorrow). 

Colleen and Meg. <3