So today we had quite an experience...We were able to visit some homes outside of the compound. We met some people who really touched our hearts and gave us to think about. In Canada, we take so much for granted like food on the table when you come home, clean drinking water, HOT showers, privacy, and so much more. 

When we left the compound we didn't know what to expect. We tried to keep an open mind about their living conditions. It was definitely an eye opening experience. Meeting with the families we learned that even though they don't have much, they really appreciate and are grateful for what God has provided for them. We were able to go around to about seven houses and meet the families. We prayed for all of the families we met today and were able to give them gifts that they wouldn't necessarily be able to provide for themselves. We really got to connect with some of the families and invited them to come to church. Even though they don't have much they are some of the most happy and loving people we have met. 

Once we got back to the compound we (Jesse and Brooke) were given the oppurtunity to sit in on a grade three class. (Jesse) It really amazed me how they all worked together whereas in our society they are more independant. (Brooke) I especially enjoyed being able to be in the classes because that is what I do in Canada. I was able to see how the teacher has the childrens' up most respect to authority. Another thing that suprised the both of us was the age range in the classroom from age 8-15.....This is very different because if a family member is sick they take a year off to help them or they can't afford to go to school. It was a very cool experience.

Later we were able to participate in helping the Vaction Bible School(VBS) with the other team. We got to play games, do crafts, and have snack with about 100 children! :) During this experience we were also able to experience Haitian culture. We had four translators to help us out with the program. During a game of tag, Jesse and I had a job of creating a boundary so basically the easiest job....stand there. One of the translaters (don't know his name) came up and started to talk to me (brooke). First it was a normal conversation, talking about school and life in Canada. Then he asked how old I was, if I was married, if I was allowed to get married, and if I had a boy at home....Totally threw me off guard and replied yes I have a boy at home....He didn't ask if I had a boyfriend so I wasn't lying because I have HARRISON!:D Thanks bud Love ya ;)

After having a long cold shower we got ready for the prayer meeting. We got to bless and pray for a couple that is going to get married on Saturday. That leads us to the closing of our blog....Don't forget to check for more updates! :) 

Brooke and Jesse :)