We made it to Haiti.  After two long days of travel, being sleep deprived, luggage trying to be stolen of the plane, Team three Hills has made it to Haiti arise.

First day was getting settled in, meeting the other team from Kingston which was on the same flight into Haiti with us.  Then we were given a tour of Haiti arise, and all the projects they have going on right now.  The school, technical school, the church, the children's village, and the goat farm.  It was exciting for us returning to see how much has been accomplished in the past year.

The afternoon was free time, where many took advantage of this time for some much need sleep.  Others just got settled in and took time to get to know the others from Kingston.  Most retired to bed quite early.

Day two:  Up at 6:30 am, on the roof for morning devotions, where we can watch the sun rise over the mango trees.  God's creation at its best!!  After a while we got everyone set up with a task for the day.  A couple of people made their way over to the technical school to start tiling the dining room.  Aaron was able to teach a group Haitian students some tiling.

Others started painting in the group housing, its been 10 years since its been done last.  Greg and Elroy fixed some lights that had not been working for years.  leaking Toilets were fixed, supplies brought down were sorted, cataloged and put away.  Connie was able to work with the gardening class in the afternoon.  Shelves were made for more storage.  Many little tasks were taken on throughout the day.

Church was a new experience for many, most blown away with the passion the Haiti people have for God, and the presence of God whie they worshipped God with intense passion.  Even though we could not understand the words, we could recognize the tune of some of the music and were able to sing along. 

After supper we met up on the roof for nightly debriefing, were Cam Led us in a powerful time of worship, in english.   Both groups met together sharing the experiences of their days sharing their thoughts and feelings as they try to process all they have seen and done while being here in Haiti.

Day 3:  Today started off the same as yesterday up at 6:30 to share in God's word together.  Breakfast was was pancakes.  After breakfast we all broke off to work on our projects.  Bruce, Peter and Lincoln continued to paint ceilings in the group housing.  Aaron kept tilling and teaching Haitian students.  Elroy was helping with tiling too.  Greg assisted a Haitian in installing a new air conditioning unit in one of the guests bed room.  Myself and Cam were busy finishing off shelving units one for supply/tool storage and one for the medical supply room.  Micah and Hannah have been busy finishing the up the details for Vbs,  they also washed some walls in the guest house and washed the gates on the outside of the building.  Then they started to work on fixing up some broken sewing machines.  Connie spent her day in the garden removing rocks and picking up garbage.  Darcy put his skills to work, doing some welding, and fixing broken welding machines. Leah and Michelle Have spent their first two days in the clinic helping to organize all the new medication that they have now received.  Reagan spent her day filling in where she was needed.

At 4 we were able to go out for home visits into the community.  we packed up care bags to give out, which included a new testament bible.  Many were deeply impacted by this experience of sharing the gospel and asking to pray with the Haitians.  I would tell you all the great stories but it would take so long, we will tell you when we get back.

Another night of worship and debriefing on the roof, planning meeting for our VBS for tomorrow,  followed by some fellowship time of playing cards and just sitting around growing in our relationships with each other. 

That's all for tonight I cannot put words together anymore.  Please pray that we would all experience God in amazing ways while here and it would have a lasting impact in our lives.

The fresh local food cooked here and the accommodations here have been truly awesome !