It was a second incredible day....although our bodies are still tired, the excitement in the air is boosting us through our tired spells. 

What an incredible culture we are blessed to be part of.  All of us laugh at different aspects of the times that they give you to be somewhere always has an "ish" attached.  Evening service tonight started at 5......yet the piano started playing at 5:20, the guitar started a bit later and after singing started, the drummer rolled in 15 minutes later.  It was all good.  The service was fantastic and we barely understood a word....we sang the same songs in different languages, and it didn't even matter. We felt as one.

This morning started early. The rooster started crowing before 4 and that did it for me. I was up. Shortly after, you could hear the community rise as well.  Singing could be heard..... the cook was in the kitchen peeling grapefruit to squeeze us fresh juice for breakfast (by the way, the food is incedible here). Our day today was spent cleaning and painting an industrial kitchen in the technical school.  There was one aspect of the day that really touched my heart today from within our our group.....and I'd like to highlight it in this was Austin.  Our very own Austin.  Our 17 year old teenager that looked at me today.....and when I asked if he would help out some guys move some items in another room....turned and looked at me and said......"No, Karen....I'd like to clean."   Could have knocked me right over.  I thought I was giving him a get out of jail free card by offering a different job, and he totally shocked me with his statement.  The very fact that he said it was  a surprise but he certainly got the gold star today for effort in the kitchen.  Very proud of your efforts today Austin and the dedication you showed to make a difference in Haiti (If I could load a before and after picture of the kitchen, you know I would!!) Watching the kids in this group is exciting as Austin is just one story.  The rest of the kids are unfolding in front of our eyes as the experience is penetrating into their hearts and melting them.  

Until tomorrow......