Hope Arising!

We are coming to the close of our first day in Haiti and the overwhelming feeling we have is one of hope. The hope present on the children's eyes as they played in the school yard. The hope on the faces of those who have worked so hard to see dreams become reality. The hope of the message of Jesus Christ that is pushing back the darkness and seeing the spiritual climate over this impoverished nation change and be transformed. We saw one of the oldest trees in Haiti today that at one point in time was famous for its Voodoo ceremonies and rituals that brought the end of life rather than the hope of new future. Today this nation is changing. Hope is returning! 

Our day today was highlighted by a long drive through Port-au-Prince which is the capital of Haiti, an orientation and tour of the campus of Haiti Arise and a meet and greet with the staff and our partner group from Alberta. The change in scenery today was mind boggling. In Port-au-Prince, we saw street after street filled with broken down buildings, poverty, dead animals on the side of the road and the most obvious thing, garbabe everywhere! But when we got to Grand Goave the atmosphere changed. It was cleaner, happier, and full of life! Child after child came out and joined us on our tour and walk. They wanted to hold our hands, get a piggy-back ride and play the game of slap. Kids were crawling all over Jesse, Meg, Brooke and Scott! On our tour we saw the medical clinic and saw many mother's with young children/infants in need of care. They have their medical clinic open 3 days per week and see approximately 50-60 patients a day. We did a tour of the technical school and saw the work that has gone into the development of its programs. The Haiti Arise school has approximately 300 students and they all look so beautiful in their purple school uniforms. We were also able to see the 7 acre property where they are starting to build the children's village as well as the property they have purchased which will have a future goat farm. They have already built a community water well on that site and are looking at expanding that to help serve the larger community. Along the way, Colleen enjoyed a mango right off the tree and we are agreed, the fruit off the tree is much tastier than anything at Freschco or Loblaws. 

It has been a great day! We are all so glad that we didn't have to shovel any snow today! It was 30 degrees and sunny all day here! Remember to keep Marc & Lisa Honorat and their team in prayer! They are doing an incredible work!! 

Many blessings,

Impact Haiti Team