Monday....a new day and a new week!  The morning started out with a crew of us heading out to paint at duplex #2 to finish priming and edging.  Steve Frey and the tiling crew have finished duplex #1....and it looks amazing!  They just need to do some touch ups and grout and then they are done :)  To our LINK team from 2013....I wish you could see the progress and the finished product.  It is so beautiful!  Chad and Steve (from Eyebrow SK)  hope to have the cabinet boxes for the kitchens up and installed tomorrow before we leave.

We came to Haiti Arise prepared to do painting and tiling plus home visits......but after 4 days of being here we were asked to do a VBS!....Say what???  We had no supplies, no crafts planned, no story planned....nothing!   Yet God is so good.....and with Tania, Marion(from SK) and myself having done prior VBS programs here at Haiti Arise, we were able to pull together a VBS for 100 kids with resources they had here.  We planned the story of Jesus walking on the water and Peter coming out to meet him and sinking because of doubt and lack of courage.  We reminded the kids that Jesus will always take care of them and all they need to do is trust and have courage.  Singing and the story was followed by crafts and games.  Craft was a foam boat and a coloring page of our story with crayons attached for the kids to take home

As we split up Tania and I had realized quickly that the counting heads at the gate had stopped and the security guards had continued to let kids in! Yikes.....our 100 kids turned into 200!!  So our craft of 100 boats was done by the girls and the take home coloring papers became the craft for the boys.   Steve Thorne and Mike from RMC frantically made 200 peanut butter sandwiches for the kids which was our snack for them!  Best snack idea yet that we have planned and way more nutritious that our previous snacks.  Games went well with Chad organizing....and the teams from RMC and Sask helping.   We really worked well together!

The kids are always my highlight here at Haiti Arise.....and when the plans were NOT to do any VBS, I thought ok I won't miss it maybe.   I was wrong.....once I saw those adorable faces while I led singing and told the story...I knew this in one of the reasons I come back....the children of Haiti.  To be able to tell them about Jesus is such an honor :)

Well tomorrow is our last day..... hard to believe we will see you all in just a few shorts days!

Good night