It was another productive and HOT day in Haiti today!  We feel as a team we are each being used by God to help serve here at Haiti Arise.  Steve, Tania, Shanda and I were kept busy all day today with ALOT of painting at the second duplex at the Children's yes we are becoming quite good and are available for hire when we return home LOL...joking ;)   Working along side the team from Saskatchewan and RMC we have painted the entire outside minus the trim....and have almost finished priming the( entire duplex inside.  Steve aka French Fy has been working hard over at the first duplex tiling the looks amazing.  Chad has been working with Steve from SK on the cabinets for the duplexes.  I can hardly wait to see the duplexes up and running in the next year....with Haitian orphans and child slaves having a place to call home!

Speaking of home......we miss you all!  Yet our time here is going fast......just four days left!  Keep us in your we are excited to be used here, we do experience challenges here daily that have been stretching us... we are definitely growing and learning.

 Tomorrow will be a down day with a visit to the Grand Goave market.......and then the beach!   Yeah