Hello Everyone!!!!

So excited to be writing the blog today on a very special day for me.  Today I got to meet my sponsor child, Nashly.  It was one of the things I was most excited to do when I came to Haiti.  He is absolutely adorable and I can't believe that because of me he is getting an education and a meal a day.  Absolutely unreal to be able to give him a little hug and give him a small gift!

Today we did some painting at the children's village.  Hard to believe, but there are 3 Steve's here at Haiti Arise.  Junior Steve (Steve Frey or French Frey lol) has become quite the big deal here.  He is pretty much in charge of the Haitian tiling crew that is in the children's village.  Such a blessing that he is apart of this team....we are really getting a lot done at both houses in the children's village.

As well today, we did home visits.  We walked through some very very poor areas in Haiti (which you would think would be eveywhere, but these were extreme) and as we went we stopped at people's homes to visit, pray with them, and to give them small gifts (hygiene packs, small toys for the kids, and creole Bibles).  It was heartbreaking to see the extreme conditions that some of these people live in.  You can tell by the children's bellies that they are hungry and their homes definitely do not have any of the comforts we are used to.  At one of the houses, Tania shared a verse and the lady reached quickley to grab a pen and paper so she could have it as a reference.  These people are searching for hope and it amazed me that even a simple Bible verse could be comfort to them.  We prayed for a man who lost his leg last year, due to diabetes and can no longer make it to church, let alone many other things.  We prayed for a woman who had a disabled son.  That was so hard because it just made me think...what kind of life will he have living in Haiti as he grows up.  Each of our hearts is absolutely breaking and it is hard not to cry as you enter these peoples yards to pray for them.  I know that each of us has had our eyes opened and we will never be the same after this.

We have been blessed to have 2 other teams at Haiti Arise with us.  We have the Saskatchewan team and the Rocky Mountain Bible College team.  It is amazing how well we all get along and the friendships that are starting to build between us :)  Dutch Blitz and a lot of up and down the river are in our near future with these teams!

I am blessed to have such an amazing team.  Chad is such an enouraging person.  He has such a willing heart to serve wherever, even if that means cleaning out a storage room :) Steve (French Frey) is so funny!  I love being around him because he has such a sweet heart and can always put a smile on my face.  We have learned that definitely Terry has done a lot for Steve, but don't worry, I am taking care of him!!!  Delynne has such a heart for the children here at Haiti.  If she isn't in the building, she is probably out by the fence talking to all the school kids!  I love walking around with Tania and Steve because they know EVERYONE!!! Yesterday my sisters sponsor child came running up to my parents and in his back pocket was the photo Lacey had given him last year of the Link Team.  I nearly broke down in tears because even though the picture is tattered and worn, he has held on to it for a year because it means a lot to him.  If I could encourage anything from Linkers who sponsor children, send a picture or two.  The kids don't get very many pictures and they truly cherish it!

Haiti has been absolutely wonderful!  I can't wait to come back and share!  Such an amazing day...I am so happy to be here!

PS. Lacey, Kotes, and Mames....I met Snoop today...no big deal