When I think of our trip and the time that we have spent here in Haiti, the Lord brings Psalm 57  to mind:

        "my heart is steadfast in you, O God; my heart is steadfast

               no wonder I can sing your praises! wake up, my soul! 

          wake up, O harp and lyre! I will waken the dawn with my song.

                I will praise you Lord, among all of your people

                     I will sing praises among the nations! 

             for Your unfailing love is as high as the heavens.

                  Your faithfulnes reaches to the skies. 

           Be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens.

                   may Your glory shine all over the earth. "


Today we had the opportunity to go on another community walk. Our time in the community today was much more humbling and eye opening, as we had the opportunities to witness and see the reality and lifestyle of the Haitian people here. Our team was all stretched beyond our comforts zones today, and it was encouraging to see us following the Lords prompting us to pray and be obedient to where he was guiding us during our time of prayer. What a blessing to see the Lord use us as his hands and feet to spread and preach scripture through words of encouragment to those who already know Christ. 

This afternoon we had the opportunity to see Jordan get baptized, as well as another young girl who is here serving with the Martensiville team. What a huge blessing and encouragment it was for our team to see and rejoice in that along with her. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach- getting very burnt through the overcast skies and laughing alot with the little haitian boys who had followed us to the beach. Wow have these kids captured our hearts. Saying goodbye to our translators as well as all of the children today was probably the most difficult thing we have had to do all trip. The relationships that have been built here have truly been a blessing from the Lord and will not be forgotten. These people have made significant impacts in our lives and have been a huge part of our experience here as a team. 

We spent our last meal together laughing, telling stories, making fun of Thea and eating very messy mangos. A typical meal for us. The evening was spent on the roof of our compound, in the rain, as we watched the lightning light up the sky. How evident it is to us that we serve a powerful and living God. We took time to reflect on the work that the Lord has done in us and through us in these past ten days, as well as highlighting our favorite moments and stories from the trip. We ended off the evening in a time of prayer and encouragment for one another. It has become so clear that we are no longer just a team, but instead a group of friends blessed to have the opportunity to serve together in Haiti. 

Tomorrow morning we leave for Port Au Prince and head back to our home in Canada at 5am. Pray for our team as we transition back into our time at home and back into our lives, that have been significantly changed. Also be in prayer for Cass as she continues to serve here, at her second home, in Haiti for the next few weeks. May the Lord guide her and direct her into his glorious light and calling for her time here. 

See you soon Canada! 

Love, tears, sweat and blessings from Grand Goave, 

Briercrest Team