Words can't describe how much of a blessing these past two days have been. Technically speaking, the past two days were our final "service days" in which we spent time painting the outside fence of the medical clinic right outside of the compound. The thing that I loved the most about working alongside the other six members of my time has been our desire to serve the community relationally while also doing jobs requiring physical labour. Both today and yesterday, we all consistently took breaks to play with the young children at recess next door to the medical clinic. Seeing the joy shining on the children's faces has blessed each member of our time in numerous ways. Today it was a lot of fun getting to play with the younger children. Even though we cannot always verbally communicate with them due to the language barrier, seeing children recognize our faces and remember our names has definitely been good enough. Today I had the priviledge to see a young boy named Charles run into the arms of Will (Will Titterington) while walking to the front gate of the school. While we initially came to play with the children at recess to serve them, they have taught us all so many lessons in the process.

In terms of work projects today, we didn't really have much to do since we had finished painting the medical school fence early. We had basically a free morning to relax and hang out with each other. Personally, I really enjoyed hanging out with two of our translators while having some time off. My favourite moment was when one of our team members asked  one of the Haitians whether or not men in Haiti wear beards (not knowing that the correct verb is "grow" beards". As I mentioned earlier, this has been a phenominal trip due to the relationships we have been able to build with the Haitians of all ages. In the afternoon, some of the girls on our team were asked to go out into the community and pick up garbage off of the streets. Cassie considered this the most significant highlight of the trip for her. While she and the other girls were picking up garbage in the hot sun (which many Canadians likely have never experienced :p) two young Haitian children grabbed the garbage bags and immediately started gathering up trash. Cassie also explained how the bag was extremely heavy to carry, and the two children happily combined their efforts to help carry the bag. Having the opportunity to witness and hear about events like this has made this trip life-changing for our whole team.

We had the opportunity this evening to go to the Tuesday night church service. The worship tonight again was extremely spriit-filled and full of giving praise to our might King. I cannot fully express how much seeing the Haitians worship has impacted my spiritual walk. Their desire as well as their need to see the presence of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives is completely on display during their worship-services. Even though we cannot fully interpret their language, that does not limit the speaking power of the Lord in each and every one of our hearts. It was a pleasure studying out of John 14 with the rest of the congregation on our individual calling to obediance. Getting to laugh, worship, and discuss Christ witht he Haitians tonight has been a true example of the body of Christ.

As our time in Haiti is almsost up, tomorrow our team has the opportunity to go out into the community and share the love of Christ with others. Please be praying as our team allows the Lord to speak through each and every one of us tomorrow. It's incredibly difficult to come to terms with the fact that six of our seven members leave Haiti after tomorrow. It has been a life-changing experience for each and every one of us (and I mean that), and unfortunately I can't explain every detail on this blog post. We can't wait to share the details of the Lord's evident work in Haiti. For all of you readers, have a blessed day wherever you are (likely somewhere in North America), and we'll see you soon. :)

God Bless,