Hello there,

First of all, I want to apologize for this being late. I ran into some issues when I went to write last night, so it had to wait till today. I will attempt to sum up this day in as little time as possible. Here goes. It is hard to believe that we are already through day six here in Haiti. I look back on the days that we have been through, and all I can recall is blessing upon blessing from the Lord. Today we had the privilege of being in church, and worshiping with the Haitians. This was for me one of the most impactful experiences of my life. There is something about being in a different culture, and worshiping in the way that they feel brings the most glory to the Lord. As I stood there holding a one month old baby in my arms, I watched as the Haitians worshiped. What I witnessed can only be described in two words “Reckless Abandon.” It was incredible to see these people give their all to the Lord in surrender and praise. It was a joy to see hands and voices raised in pure worship to the King of Kings. It was a blessing to see Gods people dance for their King. It was a convicting time in a way. I could not help but think “Jesus is everything to these people. I claim that Jesus is everything to me…How come I cannot bring myself to truly worship in the way that these people? Why am I so concerned by what other people may think? Why am I so concerned that it might make people around me uncomfortable?” These are things that should not be the concern in my mind during worship. What my concern during worship should be is “Am I worshiping my king in the way that he deserves?” If the spirit is prompting me to raise my hands, I should be raising my hands. If the Spirit is prompting me to fall on my knees or dance, that is the posture that I need to take up. If I can come to a place to reckless abandon in worship, I feel like the beauty of worship will change and worship itself will take on a whole new meaning. It was also incredible to see some of the people we prayed for on Saturday. The middle aged man, who turned from the practice of voodoo, was present, which was incredible to see. God is so good, and it is incredible to see him working in the lives of the people here!

                Later on in the afternoon we went on our second beach afternoon. What an incredibly relaxing time we were able to have. There is something about hanging out in clear blue Caribbean waters, and taking the beauty of the Lords creation. The rolling hills of Haiti, the white sands, waving palms, and the beautiful people scream of the greatness of their creator. Swimming with local kids, and hoisting them on our shoulders, snorkeling on the reef, all helped to make the experience wonderful. The major highlight of this beach day was the lobster. Some of the team jumped on the opportunity to buy fresh lobster on the beach. The lobster was caught, cooked on the beach on a small fire and delivered to us. It was probably one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. We are so blessed. Relaxing on the beach, having local children take over our towels, share our food and drinks, and take pictures helped add to the memories that we will not soon forget.

                After the beach we went into town, and went to what people like to call the “Goat and Coke” restaurant. As you probably guessed…The place serves goat and coke (As well as a variety of other foods). This was such a great time of relaxation for us as a team. To get away from the compound, and just eat, laugh, and have fun. The food was incredible, and the goat can be added to my list of favorite foods. While we were in town, we also got to go and check out one of the “Each One Build One” homes that Haiti Arise is building. It is so encouraging to see the work that Haiti Arise is doing here in Grand Goave.

When we got back to the compound, we had a time of team debrief. This was an incredibly uplifting time for us all. We went to the roof of the Tech school that we have been working on painting all week. We sat there under the stars, gazing up at the majestic glory of the Lord, and reflecting on His faithfulness through the day. We ended out time in worship, and just singing the praises of our King. To be honest, as we sang, it seemed as though the stars shone brighter, and the glory of the Lord was revealed in that time.

God’s blessings have been vast through this time. If I were to attempt to tell you everything, you would be here all night. We are in anticipation of what God is going to do in our lives, and in the lives of the people of Haiti in our final 3 days here.

Blessing on you all