So we started out our day with devos on the roof. I love starting the day this way and watching the beautiful Haitian sunrise. After breakfast we had the opportunity to do visitation at peoples home with a translator. We went to peoples homes to meet them and share. We set out into the community and our translator led us to about six different homes. The homes are shacks or tents made of tarps and cement and are very tiny. There children and animals everywhere. It is sad to see people living in these conditions. As we went from home to home one of us would share with the people about where we are from and ask them if they knew Jesus. It surprised me how many of the Haitians knew Jesus. He really is present and at work here. We would then ask if we could pray for them and if there was anything they needed prayer for. There was one home we went to where I was sharing and praying to a man while another man sat and watched. After we had prayed he came up to us and told us that he practiced voodoo and wanted to stop and follow Christ. We prayed for him and it was so powerful to see this man want to give His life to Christ.  It was such an encouragement for our team so see the effects of the work of Lord here in Haiti. As we walked around the children would join us and walk with us. They are filled with such joy and I love watching everyone on the team show love to the children.

After our visitation and lunch we set out for an afternoon at the beach. We walked on a path through the community and jungle ( I guess thats what you call it?) to the beach. It was a short walk. The beach is so beautiful. In the distance you can see the hills and everything is is so lush. We went for a swim in the warm and clear Carribbean waters. This was my first time ever swimming in the caribbean and it was wonderful. It was such a great afternoon of bonding with each other full of laughter and sunshine. Almost all of us ended up with a nice burn. We went back to the compound and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow is church where we hope to see some of the people that we met and prayed with in the community today. We are then going to spend the afternoon at the beach and go for supper. This has been such a great trip and I cannot believe that it is already day six. The people here are such a blessing and encouragement to me. They have been through so much but still have such great faith. I love seeing the Lord at work here in Haiti.

Blessings from Haiti,