As my time here soon comes to an end, I can't think of a better way to be spending my last days. These past four days have been an incredible time for me and testimony of the Lords work.

     Monday morning we had the opportunity to go and visit Heart to Heart, an orphange ran by Marc's brother, Pastor Luke. It was an amazing time to see the way that the Lord is at work in so many different areas of Grand Goave, and using so many people to serve Him and bring Him glory. Seeing the childrens home, school and church, all of which were affected by the earthquake a few years ago, and how the destruction of that time is still evident was heart breaking. It takes so much time to rebuild a foundation on which so much was laid. A foundation made out of much more than just concrete, but built on the lives of others, and the love of Christ.  I spent my afternoon teaching.

             Tuesday morning I spent at the elementary school. I spend almost all of my time in the preschool rooms,  the rest of the students I often see in town, or in m own class, but these, small, beautiful children, I only see here at school. SO much joy, laughter and noise happens everytime I walk into the classroom, yet the teachers allow me to do it day after day. The past couple weeks they have began to recognize the few children who have really captured my heart, and have actually began bringing them to me even while they are in class. (Their class mostly consists of napping, coloring and eating). There is something so so special about the joy that lights up a childs face when he sees you every morning. I can't say enough how much these children have captured my heart and made me completely fall in love.

        I spent Tuesday afternoon with Lisa and the kids at her house in town. So great to spend time around town and get to spend time with Lisa. The Lord has gifted her with so much wisdom, and with such a way of communicating with people. It is something that encourages me daily, and it has been such a blessing to see the ways in which the Lord is using her with the women in the church here, as well as with the staff here. I have really been enjoying my time with her, talking and hearing about the Lord's work here and in the lives of her and Marc.  I also had the opportunity to go and visit Ken's house, where Kiki is also staying. Ken and Kiki are two of the boys that hang out around here a lot, and I met them both last year. Despite everything, they are two of the most joyful kids that I know. I have a love for these two boys like no other. It was incredibly humbling to walk across the street into Ken's house, and see the home that these two very sweet boys come from. I also had the opportunity to meet Ken's mom and Grandmother, it wasn't difficult to see that the joy in their family is contagious as well as their gratefulness to the Lord.   Tuesday night we spent out in a new area of the community that we haven't really visited yet. I absoloutely love getting out and visiting people. There is something so great in actually seeing people in their home enviroment that allows you to understand them and connect with them so much better. I also saw my second real life trauntula. It was as awful as the first.

       Wednesday morning was spent at the market. The market can easily be described as, disgustingly hot, and a ridiculous amount of people in an incredibly small space.  What a cultural experience though, to see how many people spend a majority of their days, sitting out in the sun, trying to sell something that the person just down the road is trying to sell too. A lot of fruit, clothes, medicine and meat. It really makes you reevaulate your own life back home. Wow, we really do have everything we need at the tip of our fingers. We then went and visited the " Be Like Brit" orphange that has just opened up in January. The orphange is pretty much a memorial for a young girl who died in the earthquake and had a desire to serve in an orphange. Super interesting. Very beautiful building.  We attempted another walk in the evening, and instead got caught in the downpour of the Haitian rain. One minute the road was packed with people, but the second the rain dropped, the only people around were us silly white people laughing, dancing and enjoying the rain waaay too much. We caused a lot of laughter for the locals around us.  Had another great night of games, a lot of laughter, and fellowship. Man am I going to miss this.

         This morning I woke up late and missed my time at the elementary school, so instead I stood outside the fence as the preschoolers sang songs and danced around. I was probably there for 30 seconds before the teachers called me and brought me right into the middle of it all. For 10 seconds, imagine how big my smile was for the next hour. When it was finally time for them to actually go to class, the sadness I was feeling much have been written all over my face, and the teacher brought me my usual boy and let me sit with him for the next hour. Only in Haiti. We sat together on the tires, his sweet eyes bringing tears to mine, and we sang together Jesus loves me. These are some of the first words I have ever heard this boy say. How do you ever say goodbye to a child like this? I can confidently tell you, not easy for this girl. I could just hold him forever.

         My afternoons of teaching are coming to an end, and that means preparing myself for the goodbyes that come with leaving. I have grown to love teaching, and love these students more than I could ever have imagined. The Lord has done some incredible work in my heart. I have finally been able to break down some of the walls of the older girls, and it has been SO great getting to know them. They have so much knowledge in them, and so many questions about life. I love hearing them, and getting to answer them the best I can. The Lord is definietly  placing big desires on their hearts, and is going to use them in some pretty significant ways. How blessed am I to be working with the future leaders of Haiti? These students are going to change the future of Haiti, the church, and the world. Seriously.  

        Today I had some college students attend, and I had them all write out what they wanted to do in the future. Some of the answers: " I want to study Medicine, I want to be a Pastor, I am currently studying engineering, I want to be the Lord's hands and feet".  Wow, right here in Grand Goave.

       The evening was completed by the church service being led by the women, as they prepare to lead a weekend of services for Mothers day. I have never had so much fun in a church service as I did tonight. It was incredible to see the women worship with everything in them, and to be dancing and laughing and jumping and shouting and clapping. The praises being sung to the Lord could easily have been heard outside the walls of the compound. I love that.  I want to get to know these women so badly. They have so much to offer, so much wisdom, knowledge, joy, passion and love. I can't wait for the opportunity to come that allows me to get to know these women more and more. At the end of the service, they gathered around and prayed for me. The sang together a prayer in creole, " Holy Spirit come, be present" ( something similar to this), and then laid hands and lifted their voices in prayer.  There are no words to explain the presence of the Lord in a moment like that. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful to have recieved prayer like that, and to have experienced the presence of the Lord among those beautiful women.

      My desire is to be like those women, with my heart so set on the Lord.  With so much passion, so much love and joy, that when people see my life, they want to know Jesus.

                Lord have Your way in me.