Wow, it is hard to believe that is is already day four. Our team has already been so blessed by our time and experiences here, it is crazy to think that we (as a team) only have one week left in this place. This morning we were able to spend quite a bit of time at the elementary school again. It is my favorite part of the day. The joy and excitment that the kids have here is so unique and unlike anything else that I have ever experienced. I fit right in. This morning the girls decided that my long, blonde and very curly hair (thanks to the humidity), was weird, and should be like theirs instead. So while six different girls pulled my hair into tight little braids to match theirs, I had time to relflect on what was happening. So often us as westerners enter into a new culture or country expecting and wanting to change the problems that are happening and make them more like us. But that's not what they want. They just want us to become a part of their culture, become engaged in their lives and imersed in their culture and customs, they don't want to be like us. What a humbling thing to be learning.  Something that our team has mentioned contiounsly over our time here has been the idea that we have come to transform lives and be a blessing to those we serve, but so often it is the Haitians that are ministering to us and blessing us with their joy and perserverance to seek the Lord, despite the trials and hardships that they are facing.  We are so grateful to be experiencing that.  We had our second day of VBS this afternoon, and it went so great. What a blessing to see the Lords faithfulness and provision again and again within our team. One of the translators, Johnny works as a teacher at the elementary school. He is so fantastic with the kids and it is a blessing for us to see the joy and energy he has serving and minstering along side us. I am really beginning to learn the significance of facing trials and hardships in our walk with Christ. Yes, it is great when we see the Lord provide and bless us when we have not been through a tough experience, but there is something so powerful about seeing the Lord bring you out darkness and into His light, through His work alone - and that is exactly what our team experienced today with VBS. That is also our prayer for the community of Grand Goave as they face political unrest in the town. May the Lord bring them out of this time of darkness and into His glorious light. Our prayer for our time here is that we may have our eyes opened to the work that the Lord is doing in all aspects of this place, and that His glory would be made known to us. What a beautiful thing it is to be apart of the body of Christ. Tonight we had a prayer service a church.  Such a powerful and eye opening experience for our team to see. It is so incredible to be able to enter into their community, and into the presence of the Lord, in both Creole and English, praising Him and offering up our prayers as ONE body. Church ended early tonight because we had no power and because  it gets dark so early. Thats a new experience for us as well. It has been such a blessing for me as a leader to see the ways in which our team has been challenged, stretched and brought outside of their comfort zones. It is so evident that the Lord is at work in each one of their lives, opening their eyes to see things like He does and tranforming their hearts to the brokeness of this country. My heart and love for this country and the people here is being revealed to me more and more each day. I am so in love with this place. The joy here is like no other, and there is not many greater feelings than a child rememebering you and reminding you of the significance that you have played in their life. Haiti feels like home to me.  How incredible is it to know that WE have been chosen to be the Lords hands and feet, and  have been given the most important task of building his Kingdom.

 Tomorrow is our last day of VBS, we are both excited and relieved for that.  Continue to be in prayer for the community, Haiti Arise and our team as we enter into many new adventures and experiences that the Lord has for us.  We are looking forward to the coming days, and the experiences that lie ahead.

love and blessing from Grand Goave,