Today was both an excitement and a challenge because it was our first day of VBS! We started out the morning with Brandon leading a devo on the roof with the sun rising over the mango trees-- so beautiful! After a breakfast of scrambled eggs, the guys went out to varnish the roof of the medical clinic while Cassie, Jordan, Thea and I sorted the donations we brought. When that was finished, we all went out to continue varnishing, until we were all sticky from head to toe. (I think I still have varnish in my hair!) We then took a break on the roof of the tech school and took crazy pictures and enjoyed refreshment in the sun. Good times!

The afternoon brought the anticipation of VBS. After a few last minute preparations, we began welcoming kids to the church. Soon, however, we realized that it was half an hour past our starting time and we still didn't have a translator! We were forced to improvised and entertained the kids with clapping games and started singing, which was fortunately taken over by an older girl who led songs in Creole. Finally, a translator arrived, and we were able to do a skit of Jesus turning water into wine. Afterwards, Will spoke about transformation and shared some of his testimony with the kids.

Another challenge was trying to help 100 kids get through a snack and a craft back at the school. The language barrier made it difficult to hold their attention long enough to explain things, but over all, they seemed to enjoy the activities and we had a great time getting to know them. It was quite the growing experience to lead kids who spoke a different language, and it was such a blessing to see their smiles and their joy! I was particularly encouraged to read some of the Bible verses the girls wrote on the butterflies they made, and to hear kids asking me if I loved Jesus! One of the hardest parts was telling the kids they had to leave, and parting with our new friends!

This evening was a good time to relax and discuss the day, and we are looking forward to another great time of VBS tomorrow! We'd appreciate prayer for this, that we'd be able to have more translators to help things run smoothly and that we could be a blessing to the kids.

- Marie