"the Lord is gracious and compassionate" a distinct reminder that came to mind today.

What a day! We woke up at six this morning and did not hesitate to start our day. Our team met up on the roof for morning devotions and Cassie shared Romans 5:1-8, a reminder of the joy the Haitian people having during the midst of the suffering. After devotions we ate breakfast and prepared for the day. Our project for the time we are here is to paint the Tech School. Our team as well as the other team are working on this together. Each and everyone of us was so eager to get going and although it was thirty degrees by 10am we all had smiles on our faces. It was encouraging to see that from everyone, knowing that we are blessed to be serving where we are needed. We got a chance to take a break and the kids at the elementary school were having recess. Kids from the surrounding villages come  to school in the Haiti Arise compound. As soon as we walked over there the kids were screaming and jumping with joy. The language barrier was a bit of a struggle for us but sometimes it was best to just smile and nodd. One thing I have noticed is how much joy and hope fills this place. The people are joyful all the time and constantly thanking the Lord for what He has given them. The Haitians believe that tomorrow is a new day and that day will be a good day, they have a tremedous amount of hope and it is truly amazing to see. We attended church tonight in the compound and Marc Eddi led us in worship. As soon as the we began worshiping it was amazing to see the people cry out to God and praise Him. It was overwhelming but truly a blessing and Gods presence was so evident in the Church. Jason, a pastor from BC spoke tonight and his words were encouraging us to be warrior's of the Lord. Sitting here now writing this blog I cannot believe how much God has worked in us through one day. It is a reminded that He is so constant and is always present and working in our lives. Right now we are settling down for the night. We are getting the VBS things ready for tomorrow and visiting with the other team. It has been a blessing getting to know them and working along side with them. Please continue to pray for our team as we prepare for the coming days, pray for VBS, and our home visits we will be doing, that God will work through us to share His love.

Blessings from Grand Goave!