You know when I rise and when I fall, when I come or go, You see it all. You hung the stars and you move the sea, and still You know me." No matter how many times He proves His glory it never ceases to completely amaze me. So, today started with, you guessed it, more painting but I knew I would have to take a different approach to it today; thanksgiving and praise were the only way I'd see my way through another day of rolling ceilings lol. Something happens when you shift your focus on God and call down heaven, things like painting a ginormous work room the size of an entire downstairs house AFTER cleaning it out first, actually become fun. I thanked God by counting my blessings, literally, and found so much joy. We had a mini dance party thanks to Kelly 2 and laughed at Scott who forgot to keep his mouth closed while rolling a ceiling with paint. After our painting shenanigans, we had our second prayer walk which was nothing short of glorious. The first family we got to pray for belonged to my new friend Santiana, she is 14 years old and such a love. She invited me to sit with her at our first church sermon and we've been friends ever since! I was happy enough that I got to pray with my new friends that I told God I was overflowing, but that was just the start. We prayed for lots of families and got blessed by their faith in return. By the time we reached the last house, a girl in her twenties with braids asked for prayer, Steeve, our interpreter, told us she was suffering from a "weird sickness" that gave her headaches and caused her to go unconscious sometimes. I just about lost my ability to stand at hearing this because God had showed me this girl about a month ago and told me to start praying for her. God was very specific when He showed me her with braids, headaches and passing out; when she started to describe her symptoms, God nudged me and said "that's her". I prayed over her and by the time we left, I was overwhelmed by what God just did and it showed me how much God knows us, really knows us. I believe this fact and recount it on a daily basis but to add sight to that faith was more than I could have asked for. To top it all off, church was thick with God's presence; we sang and danced for the Lord like I've never seen a church do before, so genuine and full. As I write this right now it is raining cows and goats (they take the place of cats and dogs here in Haiti) and thunder and lightning as well, all of which I adore and yes, I stood in it and soaked up as much as I could! I didn't know so many blessing could fit in one day. Give praise to the Lord God Almighty for He is the Giver of Life, give praise to the Lord God Almighty, His frame was broken for mine. I will praise Him, oh praise Him, for He has overcome. I will praise Him, oh praise Him, death is beaten and He has won.

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