If it is His will, let it be done. I will do my best to recall the amazing things Amy, Kelly K., Randy and I were able to witness happen on the prayer walk. We had the amazing opportunity to have Steeve as the translator for our prayer walk. The first stop on the Jesus pray train was a kind Christian woman who was sitting down with a small child on her leg. (Those of you who have ever been prayed for and truly have the Holy Spirit flowing through them, providing the words to say, will totally understand when I inform you that, I can barely remember the details and can definitely not remember anything that came out of my mouth.) So we were able to pray for healing of her ankle. She would have stood up but still had the small child on her lap. We then proceeded through the village to another "yard". She was a grandmother who also was a Christian. Her prayer was that she wanted to grow closer to God. After that we prayed for 13 more people ranging from fear of the earthquake to needing to be healed from fever. Well, it's 9:36PM and I hear the banging of fists playing up-and-down-the-river, (also know as up-the-river-down-the-river). To sum up the prayer walk, Jesus was moving and is definitely alive!

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