Day 7 in Haiti and the days seem to be starting to pick up way too much speed and are going by too fast.  Now that we have acclimated, mostly, to the heat and routine it really seems like time to re-entry back to the states it just around the corner.  Today was a pretty straight forward work day full of painting….the technical school itself is roughly 14K Sq/Feet to replace the one that came down after the earthquake and our primary "work" here has been to really press on getting the painting inside done.  Today was putting the finishing touches on the kitchen, finishing four classrooms on the first floor, and getting all oodles and oodles of red trim painted.  Time spent painting allows for lots of day-dreaming and praying and the thought of getting the hundreds of students back on campus learning mechanics, sewing, cooking, building, and woodworking as well as being surrounded by so many hard working Christ followers is exciting motivation to keep the rollers moving.  It was also broken up by quite the masking tape "ball" fight (think water balloon fight but without the water or the balloons but with Mr. Randy….our distinguished leader….leading the charge in the brief but exhilarating break in the work.
A quick shout out to the families of all who are here….you all have wonderful, hard-working, prayerful, gracious, and still 100% healthy family members.  
Church was once again taught by Pastor Craig from Montana with Pastor Marc of Haiti Arise providing Creole translation….great message about fishes/loaves and how God always provides more than enough for whatever our needs are.  Perhaps not always want we want, however, always more than enough for what we need.  The service was made all the more memorable watching Pastor Craig (6 foot 7 inch white guy from Montana) and Pastor Marc (significantly shorter and significantly more Haitian) play off of each other and enjoy God's presence together during the service.  Worship was also highlighted by a wonderful little thunderstorm that rolled in….sitting under a tin roof worshiping while the rains poured down and the thunder rumbled was truly an awesome experience.


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