Day 6-Randy-
After spending about 6 hours painting the technical building in 93 degree heat and 90+ percent humidity, we got off work early  to shower.  This was so we  could get ready for our time of walking through the homes and tent cities around Grand Goave to pray for people in need.  Of course the generator here broke down and there was almost  no water available to shower with.  It trickled out at the rate of about a half gallon a minute. After a ten minute shower I was able to wash my face and shampoo.  Period.  So the rest of me got rinsed off with a little bit of water, but that was it.  Ah yes.  Life in Haiti.
After a quick meeting to receive instructions on our upcoming prayer walk, we broke into two small groups of about 4 people each.  Our group chose "Steve" as our interpreter, who then proceeded to walk us through the jungle and shacks surrounding Haiti Arise.  Our destination was about a mile away, so we were able to talk with this young man of about 21 or 22 years old and get to know him a bit.  He has done this type of thing many times and was very good at making us feel comfortable with what we were headed out to do.  And that was to go up to peoples homes, tell them we were with Haiti Arise, and ask if they were in need of prayer for either themselves or someone in their home.
The Haitian people are exceptionally open to this type of thing.  This is next to impossible to do in the States, but here it's very natural and accepted.  The first family we prayed for had three women who all individually had back problems.  After praying for the first lady, another one came forward and asked for prayer.  Then the grandmother in the group came to us with the same back issues.  A small crowd of neighbors and kids began to accumulate, and soon there were probably 12 or 15 people gathered around to watch.
The family we prayed for was very grateful and most thankful for us stopping by.
As we moved to our second location, more neighborhood kids began to follow us.  We prayed for two people at our next stop, then moved up the way a bit.  By this time there were probably  15 boys about 10 to 12 years old who not only followed us, but swarmed the yard of our next family.  We were praying for two brothers who desperately needed work.  One had even dropped out of school because they didn't have money to pay for it.  They were exceptionally  grateful for our prayers, even though the boys who followed us were fairly disruptive.  A young fellow at the same location wanted to become a Christian, so I told  team member Laney to go ahead and pray for him.  She looked at me in shock and said "me"? with shear terror on her face.  I told her yes you, because she had been talking to the young man the whole time.  To her credit, she stepped up to the plate and did a superb job of leading this man to Christ.  When we were walking home, I told her she did a great job, and her response was "that wasn't me."  We both knew God had used her in a mighty way and gave her the words to say.  Very cool to watch this all happen, even with all the distraction from the kids.
We all walked back to Haiti Arise, having had a very fruitful and fulfilling time.  Everyone on our team found out it was a lot easier to talk to people about God than they thought, so we'll be doing it again Wednesday.  This time without all the fear and doubt that preceded our first trip.  Randy


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