The routine of getting up and out early onto the the roof of our dorm building before sunrise, in the cool stillness with the sounds of rustling, waking creatures (goats, chickens, pigs and cows) has been a special delight to all of us.  God in us and in creation has been foremost in our minds, hearts and senses during these treasured quiet devotions, individually and as a group.  
We all are looking forward to the highlight  of our trip, worshiping with our Haitian brothers and sisters.  We joined in, not understanding a word, with the Holy Spirit  expressing our  love and adoration to  God.  Awesome!  Pastor Craig, from Montana,  shared the word while Pastor Mark (our host) interpreted.  Their combined passion and love for God came through in thoughtful words that blessed us all.  "Make-It-Count" was a message that was challenging and encouraging, especially as he called out to the youth.  He shared at the beginning  a special confirmation that their team was here by God's design.  Pastor Lisa, Mark's wife, had shared a word  on Tues. evening, their first day, a "make-it-count" message, which is theme for the year and in BIG letters at the front of New Covenant Church in Montana.  Pretty cool!  
Lunch time was killer lasagna, nap and then swimming in the ocean.  Later we visited the lovely home of Mark and Lisa in town (1/2 mile or so) and walked to a cafe for dinner.  You will have to ask us in person how the specialty of the house was!
Randy is such blessing as he leads and cares for each one of us.  He surprises me at every turn.   In the evening group devotion we addressed our trepidation at going out tomorrow to pray for the sick and see healings among the villagers. A very new experience for 1/2 of the group.   We also discussed how and when to bless the "onion" lady that we had seen at the beach earlier.  She was a tiny old, old woman selling onions from a bowl.  She looked about to totter over on spindly  thin legs.  None of us needed an onion to eat at the beach, what do we do?  We are anxious to learn and be used by God to bless others.
We are getting to know and trust one another as we end our fifth day with another group devotion on the roof with the stars twinkling and blinking at us through the drifting clouds.  Aaaaaaah, the coolness…. aaahhh,  God's love for us, ---  We have everything we ever needed.   - Lise
PS. We are all now officially missing our kids, spouses, families very, very much (CKB  xxooo) !


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